Dancing With the Stars: Bill Nye the Tough Guy Bows Out

Bill Nye unfortunately didn’t last long on Dancing With the stars 2013 but despite an injury last week and two obvious left feet, he never gave up. Bill Nye the Science Guy might want to change his name to Bill Nye the Tough Guy. Even with a partially torn ligament, Nye went on to compete this week. He suffered the injury during his performance last Monday.


Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner, didn’t think Nye had a chance of staying in the competition very long even if he hadn’t been hurt.

“It’s always terrible when people get injured on Dancing With the Stars, but there’s no surprise here that Bill Nye the Science Guy got hurt,” Dorothy said. “He isn’t an athlete, and he’s certainly more comfortable in a lab than a ballroom. He didn’t really stand a chance of winning, so it shouldn’t change the competition much.”

Are you said to see Bill Nye be eliminated so early in the competition? Or do you think it’s good he was eliminated so he can rest up and heal?

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

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