The “Dancing with the Stars” 2012 cast for the 14th season of the show lacks the wow factor of a significantly controversial character or almost A-lister on this year’s roster. Instead, the “Dancing with the Stars” season 14 cast is made up mostly of has-beens, run-of-the mill B-listers and ‘celebrities’ who barely qualify for the definition.

Of course, most seasons of “Dancing with the Stars” have featured a cast of similar types, but there always seems to be at least a few standout people of interest to thrill the crowd. This time around, however, there is no controversial talk show host with an obsession for missing white girls, no crazy former reality mom of eight and no transgendered daughter/son of a superstar singer and a late politician. There are just a lot of people who make you shrug and go, well, whatever.

On “Dancing with the Stars” 2012 cast, we do have a token gay once again, tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She will, of course, be dancing with a guy. Honestly, Navratilova is like the least offensive lesbian in existence. So that’s not even really worth mentioning.

As for the rest of the cast, it just doesn’t excite us this year. We have yet another football player in Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver. Woohoo, so very thrilling. There are TV hosts Maria Menounos and Sherri Shephard, but neither are all that controversial or inspire much adoration in the public at large. Singer Gavin DeGraw might have a pretty hefty fan base, but we’d rather see Marilyn Manson trying to do a waltz if you’re going for ratings.

The new”Dancing with the Stars” cast hosts, of course, its fair share of former stars who are now little more than has-beens. Jaleel White (Steve Urkel from “Family Matters”), Melissa Gilbert (from “Little House on the Prairie”) and Jack Wagner (from “Melrose Place”). None of them are really the kind of celebrity you still hold a major torch for many years after they were actually popular and cool.

In the “who the hell are you?” category, we have mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, who will no doubt be unfamiliar to a large portion of the viewing audience despite her unquestionably awesome voice. Jennifer Lopez‘s video love interest William Levy, who has also acted in various telenovelas, will also be a question mark to a large section of the audience. Still, might both do well due to the “hot” factor — Levy and Jenkins are both pretty sexy. Disney actor Roshon Fegan is also a face who will be unfamiliar to many, although he probably hopes he’ll be able to use the show to build his rep like Kyle Massey and Chelsea Kane have on previous seasons.

Last and still not that interesting, we have Gladys Knight, who is the oldest contestant this season on “Dancing with the Stars” 2012 cast at the age of 67. While Gladys Knight is absolutely a music legend, her appeal is mostly to fans who still remember watching TV in black and white.

Unfortunately, there just seems little reason to watch DTWS this season other than the possible sick speculation on whether or not Gladys Knight will become the first victim of the “Dancing with the Stars” injury curse. Or if Martina Navratilova is going to look as awkward dancing with a guy as Kate Gosselin did just walking in heels. Oh well, we’ll probably tune in regarldess in the hopes that someone will shock us and make us feel bad for thinking this cast is boring. One can only hope!

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