Dancing With the Stars Elimination Surprises Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas

Being eliminated from Dancing With the Stars this week was a shock to reality TV star Kristin Cavallari. Pro dancer Mark Ballas and partner Kristin Cavallari were voted Dancing With the Stars season 13 off on Tuesday.

“I’m a little surprised, to be honest,” Kristin Cavallari told reporters after her elimination. “But I’ve had such a great time and it’s been an awesome experience. So, you know, it is what it is.”

Cavallari said she really didn’t understand exactly why she and partner Mark Ballas got the boot from Dancing With the Stars this week. “I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe it’s like what Tom [Bergeron] said. Everybody thought we’d be safe, so they voted for other people? Maybe the audience didn’t like our dances after all. I’m not sure.”

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas finished in a fourth-place tie with the judges on Monday night. The couples had been asked to tell the stories of the most memorable year of their life through dance. Cavallari danced a samba to celebrate graduating from high school in 2005 and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. After combining the scores from the judges with the audience votes, Ballas and Cavallari were eliminated.

Mark Ballas said he was thrilled to have been paired with Kristin Cavallari on Dancing With the Stars 2011 season 13, despite their early elimination. “I just want to say that I’m really proud of Kristin,” Ballas said. “She had great potential and I thougth she killed it last night and I was honored to be her partner, and I’m really proud of you and I love you.”

Despite being sad over her elimination, Kristin Cavallari said she truly enjoyed her time on Dancing With the Stars. “I’ve had such an incredible experience,” she said. “I’ve made new friends. We’ve all become such a little family. I’m a huge fan of the show. I’ll continue to be a huge fan of the show.”

As for who Cavallari thinks will make it to the finals, the reality TV star has her eyes on J. R. Martinez and Ricki Lake. “I think they’ll definitely be in the finals,” she said.

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7 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars Elimination Surprises Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas”

  1. Ugh. They weren’t the best, but they certainly weren’t the worst either. I enjoyed her dancing and she seemed much more endearing that I had originally thought she would. I would have preferred to see Chaz or Nancy Grace go. Their dancing is…well…bad and uncomfortable to watch.

  2. I thought it was most unfair that Kristin and Mark were eliminated… This show is often frustrating to watch because it’s not always the best dancers who get to stay longer… The judges points should carry more weight than the votes.

  3. I agree with Trish and Denise. It was shocking and frustrating to see a good pair booted. I feel there should be a change in the voting pattern. Mark no doubt is one of the best pro and Kristin was way ahead of Chaz and Nancy.

  4. This decision could possibly end the successful run of this formerly great show. The gross unfairness of this dumping of Kristin Cavallari for the talent and personality challenged Chaz Bono speaks for the rampant political correctness that continues to drag our society down.

  5. I agree with everyone, and it’s a shame that they took a very successful show, and are losing watchers by the thousands. THE JUDGES SHOULD BE THE ONLY ONES JUDGING! NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST, A DANCE CONTEST.

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