David Beckham Bought Posh A $160,000 Purse

Well, there’s still no Great Depression in the land of David and Victoria Beckham– Becks found a Christmas present for the woman who has everything…a diamond encrusted handbag costing 80,000 pounds, or approximately $160,000. Moneybags!

The diamond-studded Birkin Himalayan by Hermes is one of only three in the world. Posh showed off her new swag for the first time as Becks made his debut for AC Milan in Dubai. Posh is the only woman alive who would wear pearls and carry a diamond purse to a soccer game! The bag is named after British-born French actress Jane Birkin and has hundreds of diamonds, including a three-carat rock on the lock.

It cost Becks nearly a week’s pay! It was worth it to avoid a beating from Posh. Outrageous!

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