David Boreanaz Mistress Plans to Go Public – Not Rachel Uchitel

The so-far unidentified mistress who was the other woman in the David Boreanaz cheating scandal plans to go public with her story, according to attorney Gloria Allred. Although earlier speculation pointed to Tiger Woods alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel as the unnamed woman involved, Allred has denied those rumors.

David Boreanaz (FOX)
David Boreanaz (FOX)

David Boreanaz admitted earlier this week that he had cheated on wife Jaime Bergman with an unidentified woman. Boreanaz implied the woman attempted to exthort him for a six-figure payout through celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. Allred also represents Tiger Woods alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel, who was rumored late last year to have had an affair with Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant.

Allred did not identify the woman who claims she slept with David Boreanaz, but shot down rumors the alleged mistress is Uchitel. “Neither Rachel Uchitel, nor I as her attorney, have made any claims against David Boreanaz, nor does she have any intention of doing so.”

Allred also denied she or her client attempt to exhtort any money from Boreanaz, but rather “discussed the possible resolution of my client’s legal claims against Mr. Boreanaz by mediation.” In other words, lawyer speak for “pay us and we’ll shut up.”

Whoever the woman is, we’ll likely be learning her soon. “My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her, she has decided to tell the story of their relationship so that the truth will come out,” Allred said in a press statement.

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