We are frankly amazed David Letterman‘s wife hasn’t filed for divorce yet. First he refused to marry her for 23 years. Then he announces to the world he cheated on her with god knows how many women on the Late Show. Now comes news he actually brought one of his mistresses, former assistant Stephanie Birkitt, along on family vacations!


Stephanie Birkitt, Letterman’s former assistant and lover, reportedly accompanied the talk show host and  then girlfriend Regina Lasko on family vacations while she and Letterman were sleeping together. Even worse, Letterman and Lasko’s son was with them on the vacation – while daddy was allegedly boffing his much, much younger assistant. Eeewww!

As alleged Letterman blackmailer Robert Joe Halderman waits for his day in court, we’re thinking the Late Show host should be facing his own time in front of the judge soon. Of course, the private punishment Regina Lasko must be giving her new husband is probably even more hellish than the drama of a messy divorce!

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