Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Wedding Cost $142: Why That Rocks

In general it seems like celebrity weddings are more about the amount of money being spent than the commitment being made. Maybe that’s part of why so many celebrity couples don’t stay together for the long run. Remember Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? The rumored cost for that one was $10 million. Can you imagine what that kind of money could have done for say, the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Dax Shepard on Jimmy Kimmel Live

When Dax Shepard revealed on Jimmy Kimmel that his wedding to Kristen Bell cost the couple just $142 dollars, we said bravo! Dax and Kristen got married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on October 17 for under $200 bucks — and that included the gas. Granted, Dax told Jimmy Kimmel he hasn’t yet bought a ring but we’re betting he isn’t going to lay out $2 million for some insane rock or anything nutball like that.

Celebrities these days take themselves far too seriously and spend way too much money on totally ridiculous crap. If half the celebrities in Hollywood would cut their wedding costs in half and donate that money to charity, how many lives they could improve? How much more do we adore stars like Jennifer Lawrence — who seems blissfully unaware she should act like she’s better than everyone else — than divas like Beyoncé, who bought husband Jay-Z a $2 million car for his birthday once.

Put down the Vera Wang and pick up a gown from a small-town designer trying to make a name for themselves. By a custom-made ring from a local artisan jewelry maker. Run off to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis. (Not YOU again though Britney Spears.) Get married on a farm like Kelly Clarkson with just a few of your friends and family by your side. Post your photos on Instragram and share your wedding video with your fans on Twitter instead of raking in hundreds of thousands for “exclusive” rights.

We’ll love you more if you are more like us, not bashing us in the face with your uber richness and endless waste.

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