Delusional Rihanna: Chris Brown the Love of My Life

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna confessed on Sunday that she is still in love with Chris Brown, the man that beat the holy hell out of her right before the 2009 Grammy Awards. I can only surmise that Rihanna is fully delusional and needs serious therapy. That girl needs to tape a photo of herself after Chris Brown beat the sh*t out of her to her mirror and stare at it every morning before she contemplates getting anywhere near him again.

I am fully aware that victims of domestic abuse often cannot help but go back to those that have beaten them, even when they might end up getting killed by the person they ‘love’. Something in them believes they are not worth more than being beaten and abused, often because of prior abuse in their lives. They think they deserve to be treated like a punching bag. Often they think it is a form of ‘love’ for a person to hit them, because they ‘need’ to be disciplined for being bad or doing wrong.

Still, even if Rihanna is suffering all the delusions born out of being a victim of abuse, I can’t help but be disgusted by the example she is setting to all the women out there who have been victims of domestic abuse. Even if she can’t help herself from still having feelings for Chris Brown, she should at least consider what kind of role model she is and how her attitude reflects on the victims of domestic violence at large.

I don’t care how much anger management and domestic violence counseling a person goes through, someone who beats the crap out of another person they allegedly ‘love’ should be locked up and the key thrown away for good. Chris Brown didn’t even end up with a jail sentence for his violent attack on Rihanna. He got a feeble slap on the wrist with probation and community service. That’s basically laying out a welcome mat to him and any other man to just beat down a woman any time he pleases.

Rihanna going out there and talking about how “very close” she is with Chris Brown again now that the restraining order against him has been lifted just makes me want to hurl. She is just making it look even more acceptable for someone to beat on their partner. By her actions — including the rumored hook-ups — she’s telling women who are victims of domestic violence that those who beat them up, and someday may kill them doing it, are just ‘misguided’ and it is safe to go back and trust them again after they’ve had a little counseling and apologized.

Shame on you Rihanna. No one’s “love of my life” would ever treat their partner that way. No one who has been beaten up by a man should come crawling back to even be their friend, much less proclaim their undying love on national television. Disgusting.

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  1. You can’t really balme her for it. I mean you can’t always help it when you’re in love. Allthough I would never do what Rihanna did because something is seriously wrong with Chris brown. But I think that maybe she’s just confussed. And she has a life you know. She can’t always think: “what will the people do.?” And btw if you’re planing on going back to the man who beat I don’t really think that is because Rihanna did it.. People can think for themselves..

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