Demi Lovato’s rage issues are drug-induced after all

Last week it was reported that Demi Lovato was going into anger management and rehab for her emotional control issues, after she provoked a very one-sided fight with a dancer that she imagined a conflict with.  Lovato’s people were quick to point out that it was simply stress that had led to the breakdown and rage problems, but now it turns out that other sources have some additional information.

College student Brian Payne has allegedly been out partying with the teen pop princess, and he says that she was drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle, and snorting cocaine like there was no tomorrow.  Supposedly there’s actually a video of Lovato snorting said coke, and as soon as that hits the internet (if it hasn’t already), the “she’s not a druggie” claims will pretty much be finished.

6 thoughts on “Demi Lovato’s rage issues are drug-induced after all”

  1. Man If I told you that Demi Lovato was dating Santa Clause, you guys would believe. First off, what kind of college student would party with a minor? THat sounds creepy. Second, this guy isnt making himself out to be the smartest guy in the world. He;s gonna jeprodize his entire college education by proving to everyone that he let a minor snort coke in front of a camera? Kiss his academic career good bye! lol. No one is that stupid.

  2. lmao, thank you Joe for not being one of the stupid people that fell for this post. they have to be really dumb to fall for it.

  3. She’s not a minor. She’s 18, and I don’t think he’s responsible for her said drug and alcohol use. You know these young stars get so much handed to them these days it’s inevitable for them to experiment with drugs. I’m sure this colllege guy didn’t force it up her nose. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  4. If it is not true, prove it. Drew Barrymore was in rehab by age 13, so why would it be hard to believe that Demi Lovato were doing something wrong? I’m not saying she is, but it is easy to believe. And have you ever been to a college party? Plenty of minors(I.E., people under 21). Kids are doing a lot worse things these days.

  5. Oh, and if the guy is doing coke, I really doubt he cares very much about his college career in the first place.

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