Dennis Hopper Dead But Divorce Battle Continues

Acclaimed actor Dennis Hopper died Saturday from prostate cancer but the fallout from his divorce battle with his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy, is likely to continue on for long after his death.

Dennis Hopper in 'Easy Rider' (Columbia Pictures)
Dennis Hopper in 'Easy Rider' (Columbia Pictures)


Dennis Hopper filed for divorce from Victoria Duffy in January, but was unable to have the divorce finalized before his death. Hopper fought bitterly to make his divorce from Duffy official before he died, but lost his battle with advanced prostate cancer before it was final.

Under a prenuptial agreement between Hopper and Duffy, she is reportedly entitled to receive 25 percent of Hopper’s fortune and a $250,000 life insurance policy, among other assets. According to the prenup, Duffy was only eligible to receive the payout if they were married and living together at the time of Hopper’s death.

Victoria Duffy is expected to argue that she was “living” with Dennis Hopper when he died because she was living at a house on his property. Hopper spent his final days in another house on the same property. Hopper’s lawyers, however, are preparing to fight Duffy’s claims in court.

In court papers filed by Hopper seeking to divorce Duffy, the Easy Rider star claimed his estranged wife was “insane and out of her mind with “inhuman tendencies”. He also accused her of stealing more than $1.5 million in artwork from him and had a restraining order banning her from his home.

Before their bitter separation, Duffy and Hopper were married for 14 years and had one child together, now 7-year-old daughter Galen.

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  1. Dennis Hopper will always be remembered for his great movies. It’s truly sad and a great loss. Not just for the movie industry but in general as he was a man of integrity. His most rememorable movie for me is Easy rider.

    evil smiley

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