Desperate Aniston Made Aides Search For A Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston was SO desperate to be in a relationship when her new movie goes head-to-head with ex-hubby Brad Pitt’s, that she had her aides interview potential boyfriends for her, according to the UK Daily Mail. Jen and Brad both are releasing films on Christmas Day…Jen in the dog-comedy (heh) Marley and Me; Brad in the fantasy drama The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Apparently, Stalker Aniston couldn’t deal with being single when the films came out, while Brangelina would be strutting the red carpet together. Jen had spilt (briefly) with John Mayer at the time, and assistants were called in to find her a ‘replacement’. An insider spilled that:

She didn’t want to face the glare of being unattached while Brad Pitt toted Angelina Jolie around. She did not want to be single when her movie opened.

Well, this news is WAY more embarrassing than a solo red carpet walk! Jen and John are back together, but John must be wondering WHY. Don’t worry, John. Jen won’t let you out of her sight, as usual. You’ll get PLENTY of attention.

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