Did Casey Anthony Make Her Own Chloroform?

Orlando News Channel 9 is reporting that SOMEONE was looking up recipes to cook up the chemical chloroform on sociopath Casey Anthony’s home computer, around time her 3 year old daughter Caylee disappeared. If you’ve been following the case, you know that high levels of the deadly substance chloroform were found in the trunk of party-girl Casey’s car. Sheriff’s investigators have found that someone on Casey Anthony’s computer was researching not WHERE to buy chloroform, but recipes on how to make it yourself…which is apparently pretty easy. Bleach, or pool shock, acetone and ice are all you need. Do NOT go up in the kitchen and make this stuff. It is highly unstable and very deadly.

Chloroform isn’t supposed to be sold to the general public, but it IS sold on the ‘net, and it’s not that hard to buy. Buying it on the net, however, WOULD leave a paper-trail. When you Google “how do you make chloroform,” more than a million websites are listed with instructions. On one of the first ones, there is an explicit warning about chloroform, calling the chemical extremely dangerous and unpredictable. The warning says to NEVER allow children anywhere near it. Hmmm.

Channel 9’s news analyst Bill Sheaffer says it’s

“Another piece of evidence in the circumstantial chain. It’s significant because, if Casey made the chloroform as opposed to buying it, she could have been trying to cover her tracks. Buying it would have generated some sort of record. This way certainly, she could argue, ‘Alright, I was interested in looking into how to make chloroform, but I never did.’ Or, ‘That’s why you smelled chloroform in the trunk area, because I was experimenting in making it,'”

Right. Somehow Casey doesn’t seem like a big chemistry buff…she didn’t even graduate from high school. The question for Casey’s potential jurors will be…why would Casey buy, OR make chloroform? Last week, the Orange County grand jury heard from several witnesses, including the FBI and one of the sheriff’s computer investigators. Reportedly that information is going to be released to the public very soon. One theory being tossed about is that psycho Casey drove around for 11 DAYS with Caylee’s body in her trunk. That would certainly explain the many reports of the car’s horrible stench.

Things are moving rapidly since Casey was arrested for the third time, and this time was charged with Caylee’s murder. Casey Anthony’s defense attorney is going to start questioning his first prosecution witnesses in the case next Thursday. Some who will be taking the stand are an employee at the Amscot on Goldenrod and Highway 50 where Casey abandoned her car in late June, employees from Johnson’s Wrecker Service, the company that towed the car from the Amscot, and Casey’s ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro. What do they all have in common? They all had access to Casey’s car. (What else do they all have in common? No real motive for killing Caylee.)

Sociopath, selfish, golddigger, party-girl Casey needs to get served JUSTICE. And that’s a recipe only the jury can cook up.

10 thoughts on “Did Casey Anthony Make Her Own Chloroform?”

  1. They need to stop the show and admit what she did to this little girl. I am sure sometime from now Casey Anthony will be on my website. It will then be time for justice for Caylee. The only right thing a jury could do is sentence her to death, she has no excuse. Why waste the taxpayers money we all know she is guilty and it will take a jury just minutes to send her to the death chamber.

  2. This woman is a Narcissitic Personality Disorder/ Sociopath. She exhibits all the signs. They care about no one but themselves and are very manipulative. My husbands ex-wife is one and so is his mother. Together they are a destrutive force. We have to deal with the ex-wife to a certain extent because they unfortunately share a child…who she uses as a pawn on every possible occasion. Casey’s mother (the grandmother Cindy) is one too. Don’t think she is normal.

    They usually come in pairs and feed off of each other’s diabolical agendas. Anyone in their path will be destroyed often psychologically but sometimes (as in this case) physically.

    I hope she frys for doing this to this poor cute little girl. But often, because they are so evil and such liars they are able to avoid the law or due justice.

  3. How do you determine that Cindy is a sociopath? Wasn’t she trying to adopt Caylee? It seems hard to love a child who has murdered her own child>

  4. i have read that crude chloroform can be make from water ice and bleach. it would be easy to find these chemicals in a truck – laundry being carried in there for example.

    also, they found a single hair of caylees in the trunk. well i can assure you, if you were to check the trunk of any of my friends or families cars – ill bet you could find a piece of my hair it any of them. i however, have not been murdered. im not entirely convinced.

  5. she could have claimed using it as a drug or something though. though a piss poor choice of drug to choose it may be.

    that explains the smell, my interest in making it,etc..

    if she had gone to erowid or some drug experience place she would be golden on that bs.

    but yeah it isn’t a substance that has muhc household use. unless you want to knock out the birds that sing on your window or something.

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