Did Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit American Idol?

Rumor has it American Idol frontrunner Crystal Bowersox nearly quit the competition just a few weeks ago. Bowersox reportedly missed her family terribly and felt like she just couldn’t handle the competition anymore. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is the one who allegedly got her to stick it out for the long haul.

Crystal Bowersox
Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)

According to TMZ.com, Crystal Bowersox was ready to walk off American Idol a couple of weeks ago. Bowersox and Ryan Seacrest allegedly talked about her desire to leave in a parking lot after the show was done taping.

Bowersox reportedly said she was sick of all the attention being directed her way and wanted to go back home to her family in Ohio. Seacrest allegedly gave Bowersox a hefty pep talk and told her the benefits of winning a million-dollar contract outweighed the torture of being on Idol.

Seacrest supposedly touched the right nerve with the young songstress when he told her the “greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house. You can buy your mom a house.” With the prospect of helping out her family on her mind, Bowersox allegedly decided to stay.

Whether or not sticking around will prove to be the best decision for her career at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see. We’re not sure winning American Idol 2012 would be the right thing for her. Sometimes it seems like being a fan favorite but not actually winning is better than taking home the top prize. (Can anyone remember the name of the guy who won over Adam Lambert? We keep forgetting…)

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16 thoughts on “Did Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit American Idol?”

  1. If she can’t handle it now, she should leave. Wait till the critics, and the media get hold of her. Right now she has had an easy ride with all the judges falling over her. besides which, she is getting stale doing the same thing over and over. Good but boring

  2. That was a really cool way for Seacrest to put it. I’m glad she stuck around because I think she’s got a great chance of winning this thing.

  3. I actually have to agree with Sally – not about the “boring” part, but that if Crystal can’t handle the attention NOW, when she’s still largely within the protection of the “Idol bubble,” she may well find herself feeling more than a little overwhelmed once she’s out there in the real world music industry. If she’s fortunate enough to be successful, the attention will only get worse and more intrusive. And success will also mean a lot more time away from her family. She needs to give a lot of thought to what she really wants, or she could wind up a very, very unhappy person. Money (and fame) aren’t everything.

  4. I can understand why Crystal feels like leaving..it can be stressful..the stress of the ones leaving not knowing who will leave next..having to worry over what is going on at home..I also felt for Siobhan,,Her mother lost her job, her father can’t work and she helps out with her job and siblings…I think that is why she is having a hard time concentarating on the show…Crystal is the same…if you notice at every elimination these two take it very hard…I hope they stay and also I hope Siobhan and Crystal are the last 2 standing…I believe Siobhan will get it back and make it to the finals…

  5. Doesn’t anyone else question the convenient timing of the release or leak of this story on the Idol scene – in relation to it being done to perhaps prop up or heal the wounded reputation of Ryan Seacrest after last Tuesday’s disrespectful and unprofessional performance. Surely I am not alone in this thought? Didn’t anyone else notice that a main theme in the reporting of this story was actually how Seacrest managed the situation and came to the rescue and “saved” the day – pun intended. I so have a gut feeling on this one folks – anyone else have this feeling. Seems a little transparent in the timing of this story “getting out”.

  6. Umm yes I do remember who beat out lambert because he definitely deserved to win Kris Allen. People need to stop being so rude.

  7. I think Crystal is a VERY talented singer, but she should quit because she won’t be able to handle the media. And that brings me to my point…Didn’t ANYONE catch her racial slurs on the show a few weeks ago? I’m wondering why NO ONE has addressed them? She said some VERY ignorant things in her interview. One was where she talked about Andrew and Lee being such great friends that they should have little “Dago–babies.” I was watching American Idol on the DVR and had to rewind to make certain I heard this correctly. How disgusting! Anyone who is that ignorant should shut her mouth unless she is singing!

  8. @ML #7 I thought the same thing. Idol doing damage control for Seacrest in conjunction with a veeerrryyy subdued Ryan on Wednesday night.

    @Monique #9- She said Danny Gokey babies not dago babies. However, I agree “Dirtysox” should keep her mouth shut. Especially when it’s her turn to sing.

  9. LEE RULES. Bowerstink is good. but if she wants to leave, let her. shes a fool if she does. she’ll be sorry some day.

  10. P.S. if i could sing, i would give any thing to win that competition, just to provide a better life for my kids and entire family…..
    what is she thinking ? Guess she just wanted Ryan to beg her to stay. but i will admit that her and Lee both seem pretty shy.

  11. Lee, Casey and shoban need to be the final 3 since Bowershoe doesnt want to win. Right ?

  12. final 3 CRYSTAL LEE CASEY if think no one should talk on Crystal …Crystal knows she is different and i bet in a million year she would have never thought she would be left up there. She deserves it!

  13. She is total trash, do look at her photos on her myspace page. Crystal is definitely not Idol material in my book. yes she can sing, but it always sounds the same, so boring and that meth mouth of hers. In regards to her comment about the gokey babies, that was out of line and not only rude but basically called to the 2 guys gay with that comment. She sucks and needs to go.

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