Did Sarah Palin pull strings to get Joan Rivers canceled?

Joan Rivers, who was booked on Fox to promote her upcoming television series, found her spot suddenly and suspiciously canceled after she made some less-than-complimentary remarks about Sarah Palin.  Fox claims that the cancelation was a simple mistake, but Rivers isn’t buying that story – she says that she’s paying the price for crossing one of Fox’s most important assets.

Rivers took to Twitter to voice her frustration over the cancelation, and to say that she most certainly doesn’t think the timing of the “accident” was coincidence.  Fox still maintains that they were always planning on rescheduling Rivers, but they could say anything at this point just to try to cover themselves

2 thoughts on “Did Sarah Palin pull strings to get Joan Rivers canceled?”

  1. Who knows, You know Palin, she likes to dish the shit but then does not like to receive it in return. When the fire gets hot, she runs. Her quitting the Governor’s position is a good example. And now she wants to be president? Ha!

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