Did Simon’s Comments on Idol Hurt David Cook? Vote!

I had PIMP JUICE all over me last night, courtesy of Simon Cowell. American Idol’s David Cook vs. David Archuleta final showdown featured great performances from both Davids. The boxing format, however, was incredibly lame, NIGEL.

Simon was clearly there to laud all over Archie and crap all over Cook. Do you think his harshness hurt David Cook’s chances with the voters? Lots of people made up their minds before last night. Or, are you a conspiracy theorist who thinks Simon was using double top-secret reverse psychology on America so the fans would SAVE David Cook? Vote and let us know!

5 thoughts on “Did Simon’s Comments on Idol Hurt David Cook? Vote!”

  1. Yeah, whose idea was the boxing theme? Weak.

    I’m thinking Cook is, um, cooked. Simon & the bobblehead gallery were forcing us down the Archie chute like cattle headed for slaughter.

  2. Archie was wayyyyyy boring. And he friggen slaughtered “Imagine.” I’ve always thought that John Lennon’s masterpiece could use a Whitney Houston makeover, you know? Simon should be ashamed of himself for appluading that.

    As for the topic of this blog – yes and no. Yes, the judges were unquestionably TRYING to influence the voting toward their ‘chosen’ David. Did it work? Not according to EVERY polling/statistics website that has any degree of proven accuracy.

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