Dr. Conrad Murray Facing Manslaughter Charge in Michael Jackson Death Investigation

Dr. Conrad Murray, who allegedly gave Michael Jackson the cocktail of prescription medications that led to his death, may face manslaughter charges. The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly completed their investigation into Michael Jackson’s death and will be handing over the results to the District Attorney shortly.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served as Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has admitted to dosing the late pop icon with the powerful anesthetic drug Propofol. Jackson’s death was attributed to a lethal dose of Propofol, combined with a cocktail of other prescription medications.

Conrad MurrayMurray claims he did nothing wrong in administering prescription medications to Jackson and indeed, he may not have technically broken any laws. The D.A., however, reportedly intends to pursue charges of involuntary manslaughter against Murray due to negligence.

Dr. Conrad Murray continues to practice medicine in Texas. We just have to wonder, how insane are people willing to receive medical treatment from a man with this kind of history, facing criminal charges for killing someone? We wouldn’t get near him if he was the last doctor on Earth!

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Conrad Murray Facing Manslaughter Charge in Michael Jackson Death Investigation”

  1. I am so excited that Dr Murray will soon be charged for MJ’s death. I feel that MJ is finally now going 2 be able 2 rest in peace! I hope that Murray gets what he deserves for doing such a foolish thing. He knew better than 2 administer that medication in addition 2 all that he had already given Michael. Justice will be served Thank God!!!!!

  2. I am happy that the man is being charged with something-BUT”…I don’t feel that it’s enough, someone ended up dead because of his actions and many have suffered because of it-namely his children,family,friends,and loved ones,the fans too. I feel so terrible for their loss and I wish there was something I could do to help and it just really upsets me that this man is not taking any responsibility, nor suffering the consequences of his actions. Probation and a charge of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER and 4 years prison time isn’t enough. He deserves to have his license completely revoked,never again allowed to practice anywhere,he deserves to be sued for wrongful death by Michael’s family, a huge fine and more than 4 years prison time and what’s to say he won’t do this again to somebody else if he gets off with basically what you could call a slap on the wrist and nothing more. He should also apologize to the family-especially to his children especially the 12 year old for being called into the room and having to see his father there dead on the bed which I am sure will live with him forever-how horrible is that? I’m sorry but I cannot keep quiet about how I feel about this and my heart,thoughts,and prayers go out to the family-I AM TRULY SO VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS AND I HOPE JUSTICE IS DONE FOR MICHAEL AND FOR ALL OF YOU AND NOW MAYBE ONCE ALL IS SAID AND DONE MAYBE EVERYONE WILL LEAVE MICHAEL TO REST IS PEACE-BUT I AM DEEPLY SADDENED AT THE LOSS OF SUCH A TALENTED AND GENTLE HUMAN BEING AND MY PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS ARE WITH ALL OF YOU DURING THIS VERY DIFFICULT TIME. DR.MURRAY YOU SHOULD BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW FOR WHAT YOU DID AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL SOMEDAY-AND LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME.

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