Duets 2012 Winner Revealed: Who Won Duets 2012?

On Duets 2012 Thursday night, the last three singers stood on the stage to finally find out who won Duets 2012. J Rome, John Glosson and Jason Farol all had strong performances last week, most Duets 2012 predictions for the winner were split between J Rome from Team Jennifer Nettles, and Farol from Team Kelly Clarkson.

So who won Duets 2012 this week? Read on in our Duets 2012 recap to find out the results from Thursday night’s finale!


This post contains Duets 2012 spoilers on the finale. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know who the Duets 2012 winner is!

On Duets 2012 Thursday night, it all came down to three final contestants: J Rome and John Glosson of Team Jennifer Nettles, and Jason Farol of Team Kelly Clarkson.

John Glosson was perhaps the least likely to end up as the Duets 2012 winner on Thursday, with a roller coaster season behind him and difficulty in truly connecting with the audience. However, last week he gave a stellar country performance for his solo piece. So while he seemed the long shot to win, you could not entirely count him out.

J Rome was consistently strong all season long. He constantly impressed the judges and the viewing audience with standout, emotional performances. Plus, he’s eager to please and humble to boot, which the voters generally seem to like. He almost seemed the easy choice to go with in Duets 2012 predictions on who would take home the title this week.

As for Jason Farol, he had the “cute” factor going for him in spades, which could have made up for his slightly less glowing track record on Duets 2012. He was also on a strong upswing, continuing to improve — for the most part — every week as the competition continued.

In the Duets 2012 predictions for tonight’s final results, J Rome seemed to be the primary choice for the Duets 2012 winner. However, Jason Farol was predicted by some to win over J Rome because of his popularity with ‘tween’ fans. John Glosson, poor guy, garnered practically no predictions he would be the one who won Duets 2012.

Kicking off our Duets 2012 finale recap Thursday night, we had a duet with Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles on “Would I Lie to You” by the Eurythmics. Nice to watch these two ladies really rock it out.

Continuing with the performances for the evening, up next was John Legend and his recently eliminated Duets 2012 partner, Bridget Carrington. They did a saucy rendition of “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. Whew, hot!

Robin Thicke took the stage for a duet with Olivia Chrisholm on “Fever” and Olivia proved again why she didn’t make it to the end by flubbing up in the first part of the song. Robin, of course, polished out her rough edges and made it all sounds good.

The first of the three Duets 2012 finalists, John Glosson, came out next for a duet of “For Good” from Wicked with Jennifer Nettles. Absolutely gorgeous, I want to download that one! Jennifer said John is now a part of her ‘family’.

Jason Farol was next on stage for a duet of “Heartbreak Hotel” with Kelly Clarkson. Every week he just got better and better all season. He really grew from the beginning of the season right until the finale.

The last finalist to take the stage for the evening was J Rome, who dueted on “Rhythm of the Night” by Debarge with Jennifer Nettles. J Rome is in his element and he sounded terrific. The judges/duet partners all just loved him.

Finally all three Duets 2012 finalists were called on to the stage to receive the news of who would be the Duets 2012 winner. First called is third place and it went to… Jason Farol. Kelly Clarkson congratulated on him for showing such great improvement through the whole season.

Then we came to the the final results to learn whether it would be J Rome or John Glosson who would be named the Duets 2012 winner (and possibly the only Duets winner ever considering the ratings this season).

The winner of Duets 2012 was announced and it turns out the easy choice for who would win Duets 2012 was the right one… J Rome!