Ed Swiderski Denies Cheating on Bachelorette Fiance Jillian Harris

The Bachelorette stars Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday to shoot down rumors Swiderski cheated on his new fiancé. According to a report by Us Weekly, Ed Swiderski was allegedly getting some on the side from 24-year-old Betheny Steffen and 29-year-old Lindsey Johnson while wooing Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette.


Swiderski supposedly slept with his former girlfriend, Lindsey Johnson, only days after proposing to Harris on The Bachelorette, according to the tabloid. Harris’ new fiancé also reportedly tried to lure another former girlfriend, Betheny Steffen, back into his bed as well – texting her with romantic offers involving “beer and condoms.”

“It’s not nice to hear the person you care about is stepping out with other girls,” Steffen told Us Weekly. Swiderski’s other reported ‘girlfriend’ Lindsey Johnson told the magazine she felt “gross, used and completely violated” when she learned he was seeing other women. “He was going to propose to me by the end of the year,” Johnson told Us. “He used to say we would have the most beautiful kids.”

“It’s actually not true at all,” Swiderski said in an appearance with Jillian Harris on Good Morning America. “We’re clearly being targeted because we’re happy… This is nonsense. I feel like I’m in high school.” Swiderski says the rumors he cheated on Harris are “totally inaccurate.”

Standing by her man, Harris said the couple is still engaged and she is confident “Ed is not deceiving me.” Adding that this is “the last time I’m talking about this,” Harris stated she and Swiderski are “completely in love.”

Swiderski and Harris say they plan to marry in Canada sometime in the next year or so.

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6 thoughts on “Ed Swiderski Denies Cheating on Bachelorette Fiance Jillian Harris”

  1. I think Ed is liar. I think he did sleep with both girls and he is deceiving Jullian 100%. Jullian just go home to your family and stay away from all media to sort this out. Staying with Ed is a mistake. He is controlling you as he has done to these poor girls.

  2. Ed,
    If you break Jillian;s heart It will break my heart. She is the sweetest Bachelorette they have ever had. My heart aches for her

  3. I think it’s true. Why would both of these girls come forward if it weren’t? To make themselves look like horrible liars to the whole world? I don’t think so.

  4. If Jillian finds out ED is/was/has cheated on her…I hope Reid comes back. HE LOVES HER. Jillian worked too hard to make something happen…she does need to take a step back…does she REALLY know ED ? I think she is an awesome Gal…She doesn’t need to be hurt yet AGAIN.

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