Eddie Cibrian Injured Just Hours After The Playboy Club Cancelled

You just know it was a lousy day for Eddie Cibrain on Tuesday. First he was injured on the set of his new show The Playboy Club, in which he plays the male lead. To add insult to injury, NBC announced just a few hours before that The Playboy Club had been cancelled after only three episodes. Ouch!

Eddie Cibrain was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital hospital on Tuesday night after his foot was reportedly caught under a 200-lb steel door. Cibrain was lucky to receive only a nasty gash on his right heel and was quickly released from the hospital.

Cibrain’s wife, country music star LeAnn Rimes, posted a note on Twitter saying her husband was hurt but fine. “My husband is hurt… stitches in his Achilles! Going home… nurse Le on the red eye. No (crutches) just HUGE stitches,” Rimes said. “Thanks everyone for your well wishes about Eddie. He’s in bed and ok. Much love.”

Just a few hours before Eddie Cibrain was injured, NBC made the announcement that The Playboy Club had been cancelled. The ratings for the show were universally abysmal and have continued to nosedive each week. Cibrain played Nick Dalton on the show, a lawyer and Playboy Club keyholder.

Two more The Playboy Club episodes have been filmed and a third was in production, but NBC did not say if they would be aired. According to reports, the production company may continue filming until Oct. 10 and attempt to sell the series to another network.

“Wow. Tough day,” actress Laura Benanti (Carol-Lynn on Playboy) said on Twitter Tuesday. “Best cast, best crew, we deserved more time.” David Krumholz, who played Playboy Club manager Billy Rosen, was also sad to hear the news, responding with a snarky comment on his Twitter feed: “Insulated minds make bad decisions.”

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17 thoughts on “Eddie Cibrian Injured Just Hours After The Playboy Club Cancelled”

  1. I am truly disappointed in the cancel series Play Boy Club. It was such a refreshing change from most of the dramas on tv. Would considering changing days or networks? Truly a great cast & a very interesting story line. How about a movie to finish off the story we viewers would like to know what happens to all the characters. Please give it one more chance!!!

  2. I am so disappointed they cancelled this show. They finally put an entertaining program on tv and you cancelled it. Tv is all reality shows and I hate them. There are far too many. So I wish you would reconsider. At least sell it to TNT or something. Great show.

  3. Loved the storyline and cast. It had so much potential. Yes, it playoff season, so give it a chance. I’m sick of all the reality shows too. Loved the era of the show. I hope they don’t just leave us hanging.

  4. Reality shows, detective/police shows…tired of both. This show really got my attention as being something different. Great actors, story, production. Such a shame.

  5. So disappointed!!!! Drama is back, and then you yanked it. I grew up in the era of Dallas, the Colbys, Falcon Crest, etc. As an adult I finally Had a drama to enjoy. What is the network thinking? Great story lines, beautiful actors, singing, mobsters, what more can you ask for? This show was clean yet still sexy. Doesnt need to be on a cable network to get the point across. Loved it. Look forward to seeing it a another network, I hope.

  6. NOOOOOOOO!!!I loved this show, yes, even after just 3 episodes! Is there anything we as veiwers can do to bring it back??? I want more! Soo sad 🙁

  7. I loved the show! Please brick it back! Amazing cast and great story lines. Canceling was a bad decision NBC.

  8. Loved the show! I want to find out what happens. We loved the era, the outfits, and the musical entertainment. Please put it on another channel. Finally something entertaining. We hate all those reality shows,

  9. What a big fat disappointment. This is the first time I have watched NBC in years and only because of this new drama. The story and acting was first class. This show was similar to Emmy Award winner, Mad Men for sophisticated drama and nostalgia. I’m going back to the cable network of AMC, FX, TNT. This is where this program should have been aired in the first place. I’m tired of the reality shows and dime a dozen situation comedies. How many more detective shows do we need too? We need more diverse programs for mature audiences.So now we are left hanging just when it was really getting good. Sucks.

  10. I absolutely found the Playboy Club to be my new favorite show. Great cast, interesting and exciting storyline, excellent music! Who makes these hasty decisions without giving the show the chance it truly deserves to continue it’s development into one hell of a kick ass show. Disappointed in Las Vegas

  11. I absolutely loved this show. It was one of the best new fall shows. I loved the 60’s era! Something so different from anything on TV and then NBC cancels it. I am so disappointed. Please either bring it back or shop it to another network. I don’t have HBO but if I knew they were picking it up I would be a subscriber.

  12. Can’t believe this show was cancelled. The entire show was great. The music, the classy nature, and the mob story line. It was great fun for the mature audience. I’m a conservative saying this too. I loved this show. It was so much better than all this reality stuff. Besides, i’ve seen so much worse on shows like Jersey Shore. Bring it back NBC!

  13. This message is to whom ever is in charge, sell the show to another network! Us viewers will follow amber heard anywhere.

  14. Series is in a dyer need of Visionary. Hey Network Have a main sponsor written into the series like “Geico” NASCAR has sponsors for driver. Once a series streamed or rented DVD’S then the series sponsors & ur symbol maybe on a pasting bus etc. GO Viral Baby Winning!
    YOUR prime Live viewer r going “Extinct”. Your Audience are in a new era of the” Expanding mufti-channel television, etc. World of new Technology”, convenience of the DVR’S in ur viewers hands..The engineering of modern technology advancement will continue to advance without the Networks merge, of the two they’re surely be death penalty for a lot more series & Networks.
    Working the sponsors into the series would be easy. A sitcom like Two Half Men, having Charlie Sheen siting on Allen shoulder along with Geico Lizard reminding him get some INS. Having Lizard running across the bottom of the screen. Maybe next week have Lowe’s sponsor etc
    HELLO! Do u think we are gonna throw away the DVR’S go back to watching live?.
    When you take away so many shows from the viewers cuz of such a rickety rating system you make enemies. Is that what you want from your viewers? If your reading, you see the growing hatred of the networks. DUDE you’re in a new era! Get a good PR Man and go back to the drawing broad and Re event broadcasting.

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