Elin Nordegren Says Tiger Woods Divorce was Hell

Elin Nordegren is finally speaking out about the “hell” she has been going through since she found out about ex-husband Tiger Woods’ affairs. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren officially confirmed their divorce in a press statement issued this week. In a new interview, Nordegren said she never suspected Woods was cheating on her.

Elin Nordegren
Elin Nordegren

“I’ve been through hell,” Elin Nordegren said in an interview with People magazine. “It’s hard to think you have this life and then all of a sudden — was it a lie? You’re struggling because it wasn’t real.”

Nordegren said she had no clue Tiger Woods was having affairs on the side. “I’m so embarrassed that I never suspected — not a one.” Nordegren is estimated to have received a divorce settlement worth at least $100 million, but she claims the money means little compared to the grief she has over the divorce.

“Money can’t buy me happiness,” Nordegren told People. “Or put my family back together.”

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  1. “ELIN NORDEGREN BREAKS HER SILENCE” This is the 2nd best news I have heard since this scandal began, the 1st being that Elin Nordegren was finally free from the despicable Tiger Woods!!! Elin Nordegren is a woman true to herself and there is no money that can buy the dignity, self respect, courage and moral principles of a true woman!!! What Tiger Woods did to Elin Nordegren was criminal and coward! I believe that Elin has a right to tell her story to the world since she and the children are the only true innocent victims in this horrid ordeal!!! I highly commend Elin for her courage and determination to come public!!! She is truly and really an inspiration to all the decent women around the world!!!

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