Elizabeth Taylor Denies She is Engaged to Manager Jason Winters

Elizabeth Taylor has come out to deny rumors she is engaged to manager Jason Winters. Us Weekly reported Taylor was on the way to a ninth walk down the aisle with Winters and the gossip spread far and wide across the Net. But Taylor says the rumors simply aren’t true. 

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

“Jason is my manager and dearest friend,” Elizabeth Taylor posted on her Twitter feed. “I love him with all my heart.” Taylor said, however, the two were not engaged and have no plans to marry.

78-year-old Taylor has been married eight times to seven different men, including twice to Richard Burton. She has supposedly been single since divorcing Larry Fortensky in 1996, but rumors continue to persist of a romance between Taylor and 49-year-old Winters.

Well, if there is a romance going on between Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Jason Winters, we say good for them! We’re pretty sure, however, that Taylor isn’t likely to be getting married again to anyone. She’s been there and done that eight times already. That’s enough for anyone’s lifetime!

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