Ellen DeGeneres Supports Miley Cyrus Short Hair With Copycat Photo

The new Miley Cyrus short hair style has not been a hit with many of the young singer’s fans, but she does have at least one big supporter. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres liked the new Miley Cyrus short hair style so much, she decided to try it out for herself. Ellen DeGeneres, of course, has been sporting her own signature short, blond hair style practically forever.

“I love @MileyCyrus’ new haircut so much that I copied it,” Ellen DeGeneres posted on her Twitter feed and Facebook on Wednesday. The Tweet was accommpanied by an Ellen Degeneres-Miley Cyrus mashup Photoshop putting the young star’s new blond pixie do on DeGeneres’ head. (Check out photos Miley Cyrus posted of the haircutting here.)

While the Ellen DeGeneres-Miley Cyrus Photoshop pic may be funny, some of the fan reactions to the new Miley Cyrus short hair cut have not been amusing at all. In response to some of the harsh and negative Tweets Miley Cyrus has been receiving over her new short hair style, the young star posted on her Twitter feed: “”I ? the BLOCK button. One of twitters finer qualities.” Her fans should beware, you know, considering Cyrus has already dramatically quit Twitter and deleted her account once before in a fit of pique. She even did a rap about. Really.

Not all of her fans may love the new Miley Cyrus short hair, but she says her fiance Liam Hemsworth likes it just fine and he is happy he can ‘see her eyes more’. Cyrus doesn’t really care what anyone else things though, Tweeting that “self love is the greatest of all flatterers.”

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