Eminem on 60 Minutes: “I’m just whatever”

Did anyone check out the Eminem interview on 60 Minutes this week?  That was equal parts inspiring and baffling.  On the one hand, the guy has just come back from a tremendous several-year struggle with addiction and scraping the bottom of the career barrel, and now he’s back on top of his game.  In addition, he came across as a responsible and caring father, taking care not only of his own daughter, but also two other children that are not technically his.  The only kind of awkward moment was when Anderson Cooper asked Eminem if he did or did not like gay people, a rather timely question considering the recent series of suicides prompted by homophobic bullying.  Eminem replied, “No I don’t have any problem with nobody, you know what I mean? Like, I’m just whatever.”  Um, okay.  Off and on during the interview they kept talking about how Eminem is a veritable genius with words, and yet the best the word genius can come up with is, “like, I’m just whatever”?  I’d like to see him answer that question for real at some point.

8 thoughts on “Eminem on 60 Minutes: “I’m just whatever””

  1. Marshall Mathers is obviously not as comfortable in front of a camera as he is behind a mic. I think he finds it hard to express himself in real life, thats why music is such an outlet for him.

  2. he doesnt have to have a profound thought about everything. he doesnt have a problem with gays end of story. get over it. your reaching for a story here.

  3. Cause he’s like fake! anderson cooper holds Vince Vaughn accountable for saying gay, as in lame, in a movie, yet he let’s Eminem get away with a lame response such as that? It’s because Eminem is the number one rapper that no one really questions hir years of bullying women and gays. His response is that everybody does it in rap. Wow, how profound. Then he has the nerve to ask if he’s being questioned because he’s white? that’s laughable: the equivalent of the black guy did it. Anderson Cooper gave a wack interview and Eminem just showed that he really is afraid, he just hides behind slurs.

  4. crumbsnatcher you really dont have any idea what your talking about, if you have been through half the ordeals that eminem has in your life then i will give you my bank details. Dont hate on him because he has become the best artist of the decade for what he raps about, show respect where it is due and dont be so uptight

  5. Crumbsnatcher, congratulations on being another one of Eminem’s pawns. Eminem says these things to piss people off that are too stupid to understand he doesn’t actually give a shit. You are someone too stupid to understand he doesn’t actually give a shit. You took Eminem’s lyrics literally, just like millions of little tools all over the world did that helped make Eminem famous. He “gets away with a lame response such as that” because he has already addressed the question at least a million times in his songs. While I was listening to the interview, I completely agreed with the response and the nature of it, because he has been asked this so fucking many times and addresses it in several of his songs.

    To the author of this article: He is a genius with words: Truth He stated himself he is not an eloquent speaker: Truth The answer is appropriate because that is how he feels and after being questioned about the issue so many times a response response showing how tired he is of being asked that question is warranted: Truth

  6. The man who helped him through his rehab, called him everyday and was basically his sponsor was Elton John, so we know he doesn’t hate gay people.

    Does he hate the idea of gay relationships? Probably, but so do I so it’s all good.

  7. @4 I know exactly what I’m talking about. and @5 you are clearly stupid and your are Em’s ultimate pawn: one of the mindless drones who drinks his koolaid. Em is a washed up waste and so are you. Thanks.

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