No Regrets for Erika Van Pelt American Idol Haircut

Eliminated American Idol 2012 contestant Erika Van Pelt has no regrets about the drastic haircut she revealed during her performance on Wednesday night. In fact, she thinks the dramatic style change might have actually helped her gain more attention.

On American Idol Wednesday night, Erika Van Pelt unveiled a brand new haircut and color, chopping her wavy blond locks very short and dying them black. “This was my chance to break out. Tommy [Hilfiger] had the idea to go short and it was my idea to go dark and just take it one step further,” she told E! Online.

Even though Erika Van Pelt was eliminated from American Idol 2012 on Thursday night, she does not believe her sudden change of hair style had anything to do with her elimination.  “I don’t regret changing it at all…I don’t think it was detrimental to me. If anything, I feel like it got a few more people to at least notice,” she said.

According to Van Pelt, she actually wanted to change things up earlier on American Idol but was not allowed to until Hilfiger suggested it. “Every time I had asked to change my hair, I was not allowed to because of consistency with the show. They didn’t want to scare people before they had really gotten a chance to know me. I wasn’t allowed to do anything with my hair,” she said.