Erykah Badu Nude Window Seat Video Prompts Disorderly Conduct Charge

Dallas police have decided to charge singer Erykah Badu with disorderly conduct for stripping her clothes off in Dealey Plaza last month as part of a video shoot. In the “Window Seat” video uncut version, Erykah Badu takes off her clothes while walking toward the spot where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A rifle shot sound is edited in over the video and Badu collapses to the ground naked.

Erykah Badu in 'Window Seat' video (YouTube screenshot)
Erykah Badu in 'Window Seat' video (YouTube screenshot)

The video was shot in one take on March 13 and shocked bystanders who watched Badu strip and had no idea what was going on. One witness to the event told police she “observed Ms. Badu remove her clothing on the public street. The witness had two small children with her and was offended.”

Dallas city officials say Badu did not acquire proper permits to film the video and the singer will be issued a citation for disorderly conduct over the incident.

Badu said Monday the video was meant to be viewed as a “protest” and convey the feeling of “liberating yourself.” Well, we guess running around naked in public probably is pretty liberating. Weird. Disturbing to others. Maybe cold. But yeah, liberating and all that.

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  1. Before one begins to judge Erykah Badu, Window Seat and it’s video must first delve into the mind of this very creative musical entity. Erykah’s messages or sometimes very overt and sometimes very subliminal but definitely always dealing with our society’s salient traits. I have known Erykah since the infancy of her career and always recognized and respected her discriminating taste in wardrobe and her messages. It comes to no surprise that Erykah would disrobe and deliver her message. While in the eyes of the law it is illegal, in the eyes of some beholders it is beauty.

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