ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips Suspended Over Affair with Brooke Hundley

ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been suspended by the network over an affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley. The affair went public after Phillips was forced to call police when Hundley allegedly made threatening phone calls and sent crazed letters to his wife, Marni Phillips.

Steve Phillips & Brooke Hundley

“I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself,” Steve Phillips said in a statement to police. Phillips told police Brooke Hundley  became “obsessive and delusional” after he broke off his relationship with her.

Phillips reportedly met Hundley in St. Louis while she was working as a production assistant for ESPN. “Over a three-week span, I had a total of three sexual encounters with her,” Phillips said in his police statement. “Those were the only times I spent any time alone with her.”

Phillips claims Brooke Hundley lost it when he broke up with her. His wife, Marni Phillips, reportedly began receiving disturbing phone calls and text messages from Hundley. Hundley also reportedly stalked the couple’s young son on the Internet, posing as a teenage girl and asking him questions about the family. Marni Phillips told police Hundley left letters at her front door and smashed into a stone column by their house with her car.

The former New York Mets general manager was suspended by ESPN for a week due to the explosion of the scandal in the media. ESPN has so far declined to comment publicly regarding the affair or the suspension.

This isn’t the first time Hundley has strayed on his marriage to wife Marni Phillips. Nearly a dozen years ago, Phillips took a leave of absence from the Mets after confessing to an affair with a team employee, Rosa Rodriguez. Rodriguez later sued Phillips for sexual harassment in a case eventually settled out of court.

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