Eva Longoria having ups and downs but looking great

Eva Longoria‘s Twitter stream may be full of inspirational quotes she’s using to try to cheer herself up about her divorce, but this weekend at the Golden Globes she looked absolutely stunning.  Eva has been chatting with friends and fans over Twitter about what to do when life gives you lemons, and has indicated that she feels weaker at some times than others, but it didn’t show at the awards ceremony, where she looked sleek and sexy in a floor-length black gown.

Tony Parker, you messed up.  Look what you had and lost!  Eva, on the other hand, got to sit next to Zac Efron at the Golden Globes, so that probably helped lift her spirits.

3 thoughts on “Eva Longoria having ups and downs but looking great”

  1. Ms. Longoria have an unknown secret for public… a possibility of “distance feeling” like by website “kibernetika (webs. com)”. Unfortunately, hers “telepathy’s romane” with G.Clooney was unsuccessfull..:)

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