Fake Paparazzi’s Britney Spears Tell-All

Journalistic GIANT Life & Style is touting an exclusive interview with investigative journalist Ian Halperin. Ian spent 18 months undercover as a photographer to get close to Britney Spears. Halperin says she tried twice to kill herself: “The suicide attempts are true. I know all the details about both of them.”

Halperin has written celebrity books before. He’s “exposed” Celine Dion, James Taylor and has written 2 books on the late Kurt Cobain. He won the prestigious Rolling Stone’s award for investigative journalism, is a contributor on 60 minutes 2, and he’s also also a regular on Court TV! Dang! I’m pretty sure Britney doesn’t read OR watch news shows, but you’d think she’d have recognized him on Court TV. That’s how she studied up for court, y’all! Every day!

Halperin apparently has been fooling Britney into thinking he’s one of the papz up until last month. He’s been hangin’ on her since November 2006. Deep undercover, baby. That means he was fooling the papz too! I wonder what kind of accent he used? Was he buds with Adnan? Did Britney ever run him over? The book should tell all.

Halperin also claims he saw Britney using drugs. Shock. Ian says

“I partied with her and was able to really monitor what type of stuff she was using. It’s very concerning.”

Yeah, I bet he was monitoring that shizz REAL closely. From the inside of his nose.

Halperin says that fake manager and cell-phone hider Sam (Osama) Lufti, her mom, dad and handlers are all “sleazy and destructive”. Not like the papz, though- right Ian? The papz love Britney more than Chris Crocker does! More than Britney loves Cheetos! Ian’s about to love Britney all the way to the bank.

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