Fantasia Gets The Ax

Fantasia Barrino has had her fair share of music business shake-ups, surviving mergers and the recent repositioning of her mentor Clive Davis, who signed her to J Records. Now, Fantasia has been dropped from Idol arm 19 Management.

The reason for the split, according to sources, is that age-old saw “creative differences.” Fantasia’s albums HAVE done pretty well. Her debut, Free Yourself, sold almost 2 million copies. Still, Snarkista thinks it probably has something to do with THIS kind of creative difference.

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3 thoughts on “Fantasia Gets The Ax”

  1. Fantasia should be shame of herself as a young black and talented up and coming star she should not just settle for anything much less a second hand married man…give me a break she is attractive enough to get a good,man who they bth can be dedicated to themselves without a lot of luggage and baggage his wife should sue her there is something on the laws for someone taking someone else’s husband….please post this i want her to see it…she is loweer than what she was before she struck stardom…pooor chile I pity her hopefully her people could pray it off her and bring her around to truth…

  2. Wow,people are so quick to judge, and how do we know this is true? People are so quick to look at the negative and never report the positive. If she is,it isn’t right,but if she isn’t,how does she recover from such gossip?She is very talented and I enjoy here music. Keep doing you Fantasia.

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