Fat Kevin Federline Signs On to Celebrity Fit Club

Britney Spears ex and baby daddy Kevin Federline has reportedly signed on for the next season of Celebrity Fit Club to shed the massive pounds he’s gained since his backup dancer days. Recently nicknamed K-Fat in the tabloid media, Federline hopes to regain his former svelte bod on the VH1 weight-loss reality show.

kevin Federline
Kevin Federline

According to TMZ.com, Kevin Federline will join Whitney Houston‘s ex-husband Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert and possibly Federline’s other ex & baby momma Shar Jackson on the next season of Celebrity Fit Club.

Poor K-Fed, he’s probably getting quite sick of all those Kevin Federline fat jokes splashed all over the Net. We dearly hope he does get his ass in shape so we can stop seeing him splash around shirtless with man-boobs flopping about.

Too bad though, no amount of working out is going to do anything for his brains.

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