Fifth Twilight Film in the Works?

Despite a titillating announcement by new Twilight cast member Boo Boo Stewart that a fifth Twilight film is in the works, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.


Boo Boo Stewart (no relation to Kristin Stewart) told Access Hollywood he had been signed on to do three Twilight films as teenage werewolf Seth Clearwater. If you count Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as two… well, that would imply either the final Twilight book would be split in two, or a totally new film is planned.

booboostewart1Unfortunately, according to, Boo Boo Stewart may just be confused. Unidentified sources reportedly told the site “it is absolutely not true” a fifth Twilight film is forthcoming at this time.

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has reportedly expressed interest in having the final book, Breaking Dawn, split into two films – along the lines of what’s being done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So you never know, Boo Boo might just have a bit of clairvoyance in addition to his newly found werewolf skills.

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