Finding Nemo 2 Confirmed; Toy Story 4 in the Works?

This could be a very happy day for animated movie fans of Finding Nemo and Toy Story! Thanks to director Andrew Stanton, it has been pretty much confirmed that Finding Nemo 2 will finally be made. Plus rumor has it Toy Story 4 may be in the works as well.

According to, director Andrew Stanton has confirmed he will be helming Finding Nemo 2, the sequal to the 2003 mega-hit animated film. Taking up the reins of an animated film again such as Finding Nemo 2 is probably a good bet for Stanton, who failed rather miserably with the live action film John Carter.

Victoria Strouse (The Apostles of Infinite Love) will reportedly pen the Finding Nemo sequel script and Lindsay Collins will serve as producer. The film will reportedly be geared for a 2016 release date. That is quite a while to wait for those who have been long awaiting a Finding Nemo sequel, but we hope it will be worth it.

The original 2003 Finding Nemo won an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture and will be re-released in 3D on September 14.

Meanwhile, rumors of a Toy Story 4 movie have also heated up. Star Tom Hanks, who voiced the character of Woody in previous Toy Story movies, previously said in an interview with the BBC that Toy Story 4 was being worked on. Although there has been little new information about a Toy Story 4 film, the gossip has started going around again that it is already in the works.

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