FlashForward Cancelled by ABC Because of Low Ratings

ABC’s sci-fi themed drama FlashForward has reportedly been cancelled by ABC. Although the series initially looked like it might evolve into a solid hit for the network, ratings quickly nose-dived into the gutter.

'FlashForward' cast (ABC)
'FlashForward' cast (ABC)

FlashForward will reportedly finish out the current season with an attempt to edit the final episodes to bring some kind of closure to the series.

We really wanted to like FlashForward, being major sci-fi buffs, but it has been disappointing from the beginning. The series veered quite far off from the book by Canadian writer Robert J. Sawyer. Although the book itself had its issues and the ending fell flat, in many ways it was a far more dramatic and engaging storyline.

The TV series also lacked much in the way of decent acting. Lead character Mark Benford, played by Joseph Fiennes, was one-dimensional, boring and we didn’t really give much of a damn about him after just a few episodes.

We ended up being far more interested in the storylines of minor characters, such as Demetri Noh (John Cho) and Janis Hawk (Christine Woods). While it’s great to have interesting secondary characters, it’s bad when they are more engaging than your leads by far.

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8 thoughts on “FlashForward Cancelled by ABC Because of Low Ratings”

  1. Why is it every time I get involved in a good show, it turns out to be cancelled after the first season? Can we say “Life” and “Jericho”. I think I am just going to stop watching TV because apparently everyone else in the nation has such poor taste.

  2. I am very curious about the thinking they do when they cancel/renew a Tv Show. That is, of course, if they ACTUALLY DO ANY OF THAT!!! Do you think they think before canceling a show? I don’t think they do.
    Please, can someone please tell me why is it that crappy shows like The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, which are unbelievably retarded, with no decent plot, full of cliches, and of course….vampires…get renewed for the nth time?? I would really like to know that. Not only did Supernatural NEVER IN ITS FIVE SEASON RUN had more than 5 million viewers (but usually it has 3 million viewers) per episode, and yet it is RENEWED for a 6th season? And FlashForward is canceled? For having MORE than 5 mil. viewers per episode? In what parallel universe does that make sense?

    And another thing, why are they complaining about the ‘low’ ratings hwne they put it at the same time Survivor is on? OF course everyone will watch SURVIVOR! UGH!

    I swear I am never watching TV ever again.

  3. I’m not at all surprised… the show was unwatchable! I expected some science. or at least some
    science fiction when I beagan watching the show. What I saw was a lot of soap-opeera stereo-types
    that I could not have cares less about, and occasional “24′ type poorly directed action scenes.
    I guess ABC thinks average folks are just too stupid to deal with hadrons and bosons… but foolish
    helpless civilians and rampaging, gun slinging “authorties”, well that they can understand!

  4. DAM IT!! Flashforward was one of the only good shows. Everytime I like a show it gets cancelled!! I hate TV! Leave it to the morons! I’m gonna do something constructive with my life from now on!! I don’t want my flashforward to be me watching tv anyways!! Whatever!!!

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