Food Network Star Juan-Carlos Cruz Charged with Attempted Murder

Former Food Network star Juan-Carlos Cruz has been charged in the attempted murder of his wife, Jennifer Campbell. Cruz, the former host of Calorie Commando, allegedly tried to hire several homeless people to murder his wife with box cutters.

Juan Carlos-Cruz (Food Network)
Juan Carlos-Cruz (Food Network)

Juan-Carlos Cruz was charged with attempted murder and solicitation of murder. Cruz was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly tried to pay several homeless men $1,000 to kill his wife. He also allegedly gave them box cutters and gloves to pull off the job.

At least one of the men approached by Cruz reported the incident to the Santa Monica Police Department. One of the homeless men, nicknamed Big Dave, reportedly cooperated with police to pull a sting on Cruz while wearing a wire, according to Cruz reportedly told the men he tried to hire that he wanted them to jump at his wife when she tried to get in her car and cut her throat.

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Juan Carlos-Cruz Mug Shot (LAPD)

At least one witness allegedly claimed Cruz said his wife had put out a ‘hit’ on him and he was only returning the favor. Police also reportedly have text messages between Juan-Carlos Cruz and ‘Big Dave’ discussing the attempted murder.

Cruz is expected to plead not guilty to all charges. He is currently being held in jail and likely will not be able to post the high bail amount being asked for by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

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