WWE Star Jeff Hardy Arrested for Steroid and Drug Possession

World Wrestling Entertainment star Jeff Hardy was arrested Friday in North Carolina on charges of drug possession. Jeff Hardy was reportedly in possession of anabolic steroids, cocaine, a large quantity of Vicodin and other drugs at the time of his arrest, worth approximately $2,500.

Jeff Hardy - Photo: Moore County Sheriff's Office
Jeff Hardy - Photo: Moore County Sheriff's Office

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Friday that former WWE wrestling star Jeff Hardy was arrested and briefly jailed on charges of felony trafficking in opium, felony possession with intent to sell, felony possession and several other charges. Bail for Hardy was set at $125,000 and reportedly paid by his brother and former Hardy Boyz WWE partner, Matt Hardy.

Jeff Hardy, however, claims the media does not have the facts about his arrest. Posting on his Twitter feed Friday afternoon, Hardy said: “A lot of exaggerations are out there today, don’t believe everything you read 4 it is not true.”

The world champion tag team wrestler did not comment specifically on the claims regarding his drug possession, but did say that his brother Matt did not bail him out of jail. “Matt didn’t bail me out, loan me money, or is his name on anything,” Hardy posted on his Twitter feed. “He’s just learning about today’s situation.”

Hardy said he would “make a statement later” regarding his arrest. Hardly recently announced he would be leaving WWE to pursue his own television reality show.

5 thoughts on “WWE Star Jeff Hardy Arrested for Steroid and Drug Possession”

  1. Look, people need to leave Jeff alone… I am sure that not all is the way the media wants it to be. I just hope that when all is said and done, it all goes well for Jeff.

  2. Hey the media spreads rumors that aren’t true…I just hope that when everything is over ppl won’t bother Jeff.

  3. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Not that it’s Jeff hardy but, that it’s a wrestler with pain pills and other drugs. These guys do serious damage to their bodies for the love of the sport and to entertain the fans and unless your a big name like John Cena, you not making millions..

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