Friday’s Fifteen Minutes

It’s Friday, I’m In Love…er sorry! Had a bit of The Cure stuck in my head! It IS Friday, however, and it’s time for another Friday’s Fifteen Minutes- where z-listers get some press while they try to go for twenty! Today’s poster boy is none other than Scott Storch, who just a few years ago, was a top pop music producer, living in a $10.5 million mansion on an exclusive Miami island, driving a stable of exotic cars and dating the likes of Paris Hilton and Lil Kim. Scott got beat with the ugly stick, but his bucks helped the ladies overlook it.

Nowadays, however, he’s pulled an MC Hammer. He owes over $500,000 in real estate taxes and had a warrant out for his arrest when he failed to show up for court in a child-support case last month. He hasn’t had a top 10 hit in three years. He still has his mansion, but his lawyer, Guy Spiegelman, tells the AP that Scott is attempting to refinance it after a “catastrophic occurrence this year” resulting from “mismanagement.” Like dropping too much money on Wonky and Lil Kim! Storch hasn’t talked to either of his children in months.

So what happened? Scott worked with tons of A-listers in the music biz- Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Dr. Dre, 50 cent and more. But dating movie stars and heiresses, and consuming like there was no tomorrow, Storch flaunted his multimillionaire status like a hip-hop Gatsby. The fame went to his head.

Wonky Hilton convinced him to help her become a music star, but he his songs for her were not released as singles. He signed Big Brooke Hogan to his Storch Music Company label and produced eight of 12 tracks on her album “Undiscovered,” but the record flopped. Seeing a trend yet? Hangin’ with the z-leachers will rub off on a dude.

Scott didn’t save for a rainy day — a fatal mistake in pop music. The biz and the fans are fickle, and can turn away at any time. His riding around in a Ferrari while not paying child support is a real turnoff too. The sad part is, Storch IS talented. He’s a musician as well as a bright producer. Unfortunately for him, his materialism has been his downfall.