Fuggers In Hollywood Snap Up Lindsay Lohan’s Heinous Leggings

Further confirmation that most of Hollywood has absolutely NO taste (see Pamela Anderson in her tiger panties), Lindsay Lohan’s horrid line of leggings is actually being purchased by lemmings in Tinseltown. Signs of the Apocalypse!

The top seller? Lindsay’s leggings with kneepads. Snarkista will not expound on the envisioned uses for these, but they look like they’re designed for the gal who does a lot of kneeling. ‘Nuf said.

Leggings have always been tip-top of Snarkista’s loathe list…they are frightfully cameltoe-inducing, and, no matter what anyone says, THEY ARE NOT PANTS! Forget telling that to LiLo though, she wears the sausage casings 24/7. Her vajayjay is SCREAMING for air. Free the ladyparts, America! Save yourself a trip to the drugstore!