Gabriel Aubry Claims He Is Victim In Bloody Fight With Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry ex Gabriel Aubry is claiming he is the victim in a nasty fight with the actress’s current fiance Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving. Both Gabriel Aubry and Oliver Martinez ended up in the hospital after fists flew during a heated confrontation at Halle Berry’s home on Thanksgiving. Now Aubry is claiming he was threatened and attacked by Olivier Martinez without provocation.

Gabriel Aubry was arrested on Thanksgiving after a bloody fight erupted between him and Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez. Both men were left beaten and bloody and ended up being treated at the same hospital later at different times.

According to Olivier Martinez, he was brutally attacked by Gabriel Aubry for no legitimate reason. Gabriel Aubry, however, claims he was the one who was attacked and it is all about his custody dispute with Halle Berry over their daughter Nahla.

In his declaration to police, according to, Gabriel Aubry says Olivier Martinez threatened him the day before the fight at Nahla’s school play. He claims Olivier allegedly told him he wished he “could beat the s**t out of you right now.”

The next day, Aubry says Olivier jumped him in the driveway of Halle Berry’s home after he dropped Nahla off at about 10AM. He claims Martinez knocked him down and slammed his head into the pavement. He claims that Martinez allegedly screamed at him that he and Berry were going to move to Paris with Nahla. Martinez allegedly told Aubry he better move to Paris to or he would kill him.

A judge recently ruled that Berry and Martinez could not move to Paris with the child because it would disrupt her relationship with Aubry. Currently, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry share a 50/50 custody arrangement of the child.

Gabriel Aubry then reportedly claims Olivier said when the cops showed up, he had better say he was the attacker or, again, he would kill him.

According to police, Gabriel Aubry did not initially tell them about any of these alleged threats when he was arrested. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have taken out a protective order against Gabriel Aubry that requires him to stay 100 yards away from them and his daughter Nahla.

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