Game of Thrones Iron Throne Could Be Yours for Just 30K!

Have you long desired to become the overlord of Westeros, scheming and plotting from the Game of Thrones Iron Throne at Kings Landing? I know I’ve had a few daydreams about a royal conquest or two…

Well, you might not actually be able to pull that dream off exactly, considering Westeros is a fictional land and HBO is probably not going to let you on the set of Game of Thrones to play with their toys. You can, however, now reign supreme in your very own living room with a full-scale authentic Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica… if you are willing to pay out $30,000 for one.

Yes, you can now purchase your very own Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica from the HBO store for a cool $30,000. No, it is not the original from the Game of Thrones set, even though one would think it might be for that price. It is, however, a very nice replica… if you have the equivalent of a modest annual salary to spend on one.

So far HBO says there have been no takers, but it just went on sale Tuesday. Since it is a very pricey item and orders are not expected to be frequent, each Game of Thrones Iron Throne replica is made to order — seat cushion not included.

Oh, and by the way, the Game of Thrones Iron Throne is actually made of fire-proof resin and hand-painted fiberglass. You wouldn’t actually want all those rusty, dirty, blood-stained iron swords hammered into a throne causing a health hazard in your house would you? (Okay, maybe some of you would, but you scare me.)

Shipping and handling is a measly $1,800, not that you bloody well care if you can actually afford to buy one of these to trick out for your very own custom gaming throne. Which is what I would do with it if I had just recently won the lottery or something…

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