Gary Coleman Parents Drop Battle Over His Body

The parents of late actor Gary Coleman have dropped their battle with his ex-wife Shannon Price over possession of his body. Price had planned to have a funeral for Coleman this weekend in Utah, but the service was cancelled when his parents filed to be given custody of his remains. Sue and Willie Coleman had wanted their son’s body to be buried in Zion, Illinois, where they live.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

A newly discovered will drafted in the 1990’s by Gary Coleman prompted his parents to give up their fight over their son’s body.

Coleman’s longtime friend and former manager, Dion Mial, was named as the executor of the actor’s estate in his will, which was drafted in the 1990’s. Mial said Coleman’s wife “has absolutely no rights or authority, with regard to the disposition of Gary’s remains, services, estate management.”

“From the start, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman’s intention has been to see that Gary’s wishes be honored and that his affairs be taken care of properly,” the couple’s attorney said in a press statement. “They wanted to do things the right way, and they urge those still involved to do the same. The Colemans ask that everyone please treat Gary with respect and kindness. They feel it is time for him to find peace and let his spirit go.”

Coleman had reportedly not spoken with his parents for 10 years at the time of his death. The former child actor sued his parents 20 years ago after claiming they stole the money he made as a star on Diff’rent Strokes.
Mial said funeral services for Coleman are currently pending.

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