Gatorade Doesn’t Support Tiger Woods But President Obama Does?

Tiger Woods may have finally apologized publicly for the sex scandal that has rocked his marriage and his career, but at least one of his sponsors apparently thought his ‘heartfelt’ speech to the world was bad for his image. On the heels of Tiger Woods’ much publicized press statement, Gatorade has decided to dump the golf legend as an endorser of the company’s product.

ger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison, source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison, source: Wikimedia Commons)

Tiger Woods has previously been hit with the loss of sponsorship deals from Accenture, Tag-Heur and Gillete since the news of his various mistresses hit the press. Now Gatorade has apparently finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and dump Woods as a representative of their sports drink. Why now? Well, we can only guess that Gatorade thought Tiger Woods’ apology speech was as lame as we thought it was.

Gatorade may think Tiger Woods is no longer worthy of their support, but apparently the President of the United States allegedly doesn’t share their sentiments.

According to, President Barack Obama personally called the golf icon at his sexual addiction rehab clinic, as did former President Bill Clinton. Well, we don’t know what Obama was thinking if he did indeed call, but we guess Bill Clinton at least had some good advice to give about how to rebuild your public image after getting caught with your pants down.

* Update: reports White House spokesman Tommy Vietor says Obama did not call Tiger Woods, despite the mass volume of reports that he did., meanwhile, has removed the quote saying Obama called Woods. We smell something fishy going on there…

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9 thoughts on “Gatorade Doesn’t Support Tiger Woods But President Obama Does?”

  1. Apparently you have nothing better to do. This article was as cynical and sarcastic as it gets. So what if Obama called Tiger? That does not mean he supports him. Since when did you appoint yourself as GOD to judge Tiger. I bet you wish you had the money he has. I am sick of judgemental people like you. Obviously people like you don’t like Obama and are looking for any way to discredit him. But I am a REAL American. I want my country to succeed and I support my President.

  2. Too bad Obama does not understand that like the smart folks at Gatorade, I too think that the content of one’s character is more important than their ability to play a sport well. No more Nike, etc… for me because I found his original behavior to be just plain egomaniacal and his robotic, ghost written apology to be even more insulting.

  3. TJ – Doh!! Snarky? Do you get it? Anyhow, it’s way okay for sponsors to pull endorsements. I’m not a big fan of widely held publicy traded companies shelling out wheelbarrows full of money for celebrity endorsements anyway. We all pay for that in the end through increased prices needed to recover the endorsement (advertising) money.

  4. OK, Tiger is now OVER. Obama has come out supporting him. Like he picked Team USA Hockey, Like he picked the Superbowl. Like he backed Coakley. Like VA & NJ. Like the Chicago Olympics.

    Having Obama on your side is the kiss of death… and Tiger’s got Barry’s support.

    So long, Tiger. You had a nice run.

    And TJ… That’s an oxymoron! If you want your COUNTRY to succeed, supporting Obama is a non-starter! If you want OBAMA to succeed, you’re flushing the success of the nation right down the crapper!

  5. The sponsors are not droping Woods because of what he did. They are droping him because he is not playing golf. When/If Woods starts playing again all the sponsors will be knocking on his door.

  6. This is boggus “un-news”. Your headline is a lie, a fabrication. You have not idea what Obama said (as you say finally) so how do you know so much about the situation. You took a report that Obama called Woods (true? who knows!) and blew it into an anti-Obama, anti-Clinton spew. Whata ‘reporter’ you are!

  7. Um… White House denied a call. So, either WH is lying (why bother?), or Golf Digest has it wrong.

  8. Hey dudes. Screw sponsors like Accenture, Tag and Gillete. Fans got a short memory. Tiger will come back strong with new sponsors like Trojan, Jockey, and Bud.

  9. actually, no, not Trojan. remember, the girls kept saying he wouldn’t use condoms.

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