George Stephanopoulos Will Co-Host ‘Good Morning America’

Former White House aide George Stephanopoulos has signed on as the new co-host of Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos will replace Diane Sawyer, who is moving to take over the reins of ABC’s World News Tonight from Charles Gibson.

George Stephanopoulos
George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos will start his run on Good Morning America on Monday, co-hosting with ABC news journalist JuJu Chang. This pretty much leaves former GMA correspondent Chris Cuomo without a chair to sit in. Cuomo may move to 20/20 as a co-anchor, but no official plans have been announced yet.

We’re wondering if he’s feeling a bit miffed at being passed over for Stephanopoulos. Plus, we’re not really looking forward to Stephanopoulos as a co-host on GMA. His eyebrows are too distracting.

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts and meteorologist Sam Champion are expected to remain in place. An official announcement from ABC about the shake-up on Good Morning America is expected on Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “George Stephanopoulos Will Co-Host ‘Good Morning America’”

  1. I am used to seeing Chris as a part of the GMA broadcasting team because they are such a fun lively group something i know really helps with the ratings for the show because the other morning shows are very slow and unentertaining, of course news has to be serious, but why dull? i really hope you consider keeping Chris Cuomo with a spot to keep America informed and entertained!!! Please leave Chris Cuomo with a CHAIR!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been a loyal viewer of GMA for 20 years and have loved the combination of Diane,Robin,Sam and Chris. I am very happy for Diane and Chris and wish them luck and I feel George will be an asset also to this show.

  3. I have mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the dynamics of Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam. I feel that they keep the news fun and yet very professional. I also feel that they have managed to be more politically neutral than most of the other media news personnel.

    At this time in our society, I believe it is time for our media to return to a unbiased news broadcast that does not contain political bias. I like George but I am concerned that he is too biased to be fair about his reporting or not reporting on political stories. We want fair and balanced. I am not sure that George can do this.

    I am excited for Chris and Diane. If Chris does not take the anchor position beside Robin then I believe that Sam should be Robin’s co-host. They would be a combination that would keep the personality of the current show. Chris is a great guy and I am happy for him and his new position with 20/20. I will miss the combination of the 4 of them and I am not sure that George can make the show fair, fun but yet balanced. I think George is a great political analyst and guy. I don’t share his opinions though and don’t believe that I want to tune into political bias in the morning.

  4. I was a fan of Good Morning America and watched for many years. It was a breath of fresh air. I an happy for Diane and Chris, but will miss the both. I ove Sam and Robin too, but I am not a fan of George Stephanopoulos at all. he has no personality. I am afraid my days of watching GMA are done. I will probably start whatching the Today Show, i think many others will too. Sorry. Now I will miss Diane & Chris and Robin and Sam.

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