Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Major Schedule Changes Ahead!

We already know that this is the next to last season of Glee. We know that with Cory Monteith gone, many of the storylines for Glee season 5 and season 6 that were dreamed up will never happen — such as Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn finally getting back together. Now it appears that FOX is eager to hurry the show along it’s way to the grave as quickly as possible.

Glee Season 5 - Source: FOX
Glee Season 5 – Source: FOX

Glee ratings are crap, we admit it, but we’re not sure we’re happy about the major changes the network just announced for the show’s schedule. Instead of letting Glee happily keep us warm on Thursday nights where we’ve gotten used to it, FOX has decided to switch the show back to Tuesdays at 8PM when it comes back after its long holiday haitus.

We guess FOX is hoping to maybe recapture some of the younger viewership by putting the show on earlier again and toward the beginning of the week instead of the end. However, we are thinking it might actually be harder for Glee to compete in the 8PM slot now that it has a much weaker audience than it used to. Plus, we have a LOT of shows to watch on Tuesday nights and this means we’ll have to be watching something later on Hulu since our old TiVo only records two channels at once, bah!

In another scheduling change, FOX has given us a bit of good news to balance out our trepidation over the day/time change. The network had originally announced that Glee season 5 would have a nearly four and a half month hiatus after the show’s December 5 Christmas episode. The huge break was designed to give the new FOX drama Rake a chance to take over Glee’s timeslot. Glee wasn’t supposed to come back until mid-April, which is just bloody ridiculous.

Instead, Glee will only be off air for about two and a half months and return on Tuesday, February 25. After that, FOX says that we should have “all-new episodes for the remainder of the season.” We hope this means there won’t be any more stupid hiatus breaks because honestly, we’re just getting sick of that sh*t. What happened to the good old days of 25 to 35 episodes of a show every year for every single week in a row with maybe a week or two off for the holidays? Sigh, TV actors just don’t even know how awesomely easy they have it nowadays.

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3 thoughts on “Glee Season 5 Spoilers: Major Schedule Changes Ahead!”

  1. Ok with Glee moving to Tuesday nights, but not happy with the time slot. This means that Kurt and Blaine kissed twice in first episode of the season and that will also the last kisses for season 5. I thought with the later time slot the relationship would get more equal time. Rachel had Brody in her bed every night when they dated (even thought she loved Finn), but Kurt is engaged and now since the show is on at the children’s hour it will all be a no touch arm length engagement.
    Actually will there be any honest relationships this season? Santana’s new girl friend (Demi Lovato) is on only for 3 more episodes. When Artie moves to NY that it for him and Kitty, Rachel (supposedly will not date this season) and Sam never has a long term girl friend. Not really interested in Marley, Jake, Ryder triangle. 🙁

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