Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Pregnant During 2012 London Olympics

American beach volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh was pregnant during her hardcore matches at the 2012 London Olympics! Kerri Walsh Jennings (her married name) revealed she was five weeks pregnant at the Olympics in an interview on the Today show.

In an interview with the Today show, Kerrie Walsh Jennings announced she and husband Casey Jennings are expecting their third child. According to the calendar, that means the Olympic gold medalist was five weeks pregnant during her strenuous volleyball matches at the games with partner Misty May-Treanor. Kerri Walsh Jennings walked away from the games with her third straight Olympic gold medal.

Walsh Jennings told the Today show she felt “moody and touchy” during the Olympics. Her period was also late. However, the stress of competing can cause these symptoms, so she didn’t immediately think she was definitely knocked up. Walsh Jennings said it was partner Misty May-Treanor who pegged it before she did, telling her, “You’re probably pregnant.”

“I thought it could have been the stress of the games and travel kind of throws your schedule off, but I knew,” Walsh Jennings told host Matt Lauer. “At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely started feeling something in London.”

Thankfully, all that body slamming around the volleyball court at the 2012 London Olympics did not cause her or the baby on the way any harm. Although Misty May-Treanor retired following the 2012 Olympics, Kerri Walsh Jennings hopes to compete at the Rio games in four years.

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