Halle Berry custody fight almost over

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry seem to be coming to some sort of agreement over custody of their daughter, Nahla, and that means the poor girl is probably going to end up having to live with one of her parents after all.  The big problem is that Halle’s acting schedule has her jetting all over the world and rarely coming home, so custody and visitation proceedings have been delayed and delayed and delayed again.

Now, their attorneys have said that much progress is being made, and they’re closer than ever to an actual agreement.  Both parents want primary custody, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out in the end.

3 thoughts on “Halle Berry custody fight almost over”

  1. I’m so tired of everyone making these negative comments regarding Halle and her daughter. We are so quick to judge others.Until you have lived whats she has lived in her live. And Experience what she has. I say keep your negative comments to yourself please. Halle i think you are a AMAZING mom. And the love i see that you have for daughter Nahla. Shows me what a true mom you are. From one mom too another i praise you for your unconditional LOVE that you have for your baby girl. My prayers are always with your beautiful daughter

  2. The article is wrong , Gabriel wants shared custody, and yes Halle is most likely a good mom, but Gabriel is also a good dad. If Halle has any feeling for her daughter she should not malign her father. Children love both parents it should not be a battle of who loves who more.

  3. Please tell me how you, are anyone else, know what Halle is trying to do.Where you there? I say unless you heard this from Halle herself. Stop giving your negative comments.I don’t see Halle not wanting her daughters father in her live. When she knows the pain it well cause her.Seeing that she knows first hand what its like not having one. I say stop HATING and start LOVING!!! Start with yourself. Yes children do need both parents. Again i say how is it you are anyone else know what kind of parent Gabriel is…Good looking yes. Good father ????????

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