Halle Berry Engagement Ring Forged With Secret Codes

French actor Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry, his co-star in the 2012 thriller Dark Tide, are engaged. Martinez, 46, confirmed his engagement to Halle Berry in an interview with the Miami Herald. “Yes, of course it’s true,” the actor said. Martinez said Berry’s engagement ring was designed by a friend, Parisian jewelry guru Robert Mazlo.

“He’s a real artist,” Martinez said, whose family “has been making jewelry for kings and queens for many centuries.” Apparently Martinez wanted nothing but the best for his love and was willing to pay for it.

Martinez “said he wanted to produce the most beautiful ring ever made – money was no object and he only wanted the finest materials involved,” a source close to the actor reportedly told Us Weekly.

Jewelry designer Robert Mazlo told People the ring made for Halle Berry was “a one-of-a-kind piece and cannot be replaced.” The large, 4-carat, square-cut emerald at the center of the ring comes from “closed-down mines in Muzo, Columbia and the color is perfect,” Mazlo said. “the balance between the blue and the yellow in the green in that stone is perfect.”

Halley Berry’s engagement ring also carries a hidden message in the setting, which was forged in an ancient Phoenician tradition, Mazlo said. “The ring is textured and contains codes and symbols which you cannot see … only the person wearing it can … It’s very uncommon. The symbols and codes represent [their] store and only they can interpret it.”

In order to come up with the secret message in the ring, Martinez allegedly was required to take a mystical “alchemy test,” and answer seven questions about Halle Berry. Mazlo then “decoded” the answers into symbols to incorporate into the story forged into the ring, according to Us Weekly.