Hear Casey Anthony’s Interrogation Tapes- Released Today

Missing little Caylee Anthony’s sociopath mom Casey Anthony could be rearrested at any moment on MORE theft charges. This time, for stealing from her grandparents’ assisted-living account. Funds that were needed because her grandfather had a STROKE. Can’t happen soon enough for Snarkista!

But before Casey was arrested the first time for child neglect and lying to investigators, she was grilled up and down by police. Then she lawyered-up and shut up. As we all now know, Casey only knows how to LIE, LIE, LIE about everything regarding her poor daughter’s disappearance. And pretty much anything else. Now we get to hear Casey on tape. Orange County, Florida officials have released the audio of the tapes where Casey gets interrogated. And LIES. The interviews are in two parts, and highlight Casey leading police on many wild goose chases.
Interrogation tape 1: casey-anthony-interview-1
1:30 – Detective talks to Casey Anthony about when Caylee went missing.
2:48 – Casey talks about how she met Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.
9:30 – Casey explains what happened the day Caylee disappeared.
11:12 – Casey says who she talked to about Caylee missing.
13:40 – Casey describes how she tried to find Zenaida.
14:40 – Casey tells detectives why she did not alert them earlier.

Interrogation tape 2:casey-anthony-interview2
00:50 – Investigators confront Casey Anthony with all the lies she told them.
11:40 – Authorities try to get Casey Anthony to tell the truth.
18:15 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony why she brought them to Universal and why she lied about working there.
21:04 – Investigators ask about the toddler’s father.
22:33 – Casey Anthony asks cops to help her find Caylee.
24:17 – Detectives talk to her about the phone call she said she received from Caylee the day before.
30:53 – Cops say her behavior is painting her in a bad light.
35:56 – Casey Anthony denies selling her baby.
37:23 – Casey Anthony talks about her own mother, Cindy Anthony.
42:01 – Detectives ask if Casey Anthony believes her daughter is in a better place.
43:15 – Casey Anthony says she will lie or steal to find her daughter. She begins to get tears in her eyes.
45:30 – Investigators ask Casey Anthony about her car at Amscot. (Check cashing place).
1:00.44 – Detectives ask Casey Anthony that if they find her daughter that day what would be the next hurdle in her life.

Interestingly, near the end of tape 2, Casey refers to Caylee in the past-tense. When this happens with a suspect, it is almost always a tell for police and psychologists. Bitch also gets chummy and a little flirty with them…’cuz a sociopath LOVES attention. Well, Casey’s got some major attention now! Protesters camp outside her parents’ house 24/7. The media has gone nuts. And her daughter’s picture is plastered everywhere possible, despite mounting evidence that she’s deceased, and Casey’s probably the person who did her in.

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  1. First of all, I listen to the interview tapes thoroughly and I think that when she was speaking in past tense that was because she was speaking about before she was missing so that would be past tense for her, so don’t speculate please your not a shrink, second I don’t think she was flirting at all, in fact I think she was very reserved. Now I think the police were very nice and very comforting to her for reason in which they should maybe been harsher, but the facts are we don’t know what happened to caylee and there is know evidence yet that the mom killed her, but we do have is a mother who has lied to police several times about where her daughter was and had been, and we also know that the mother is terrified of her mother hating her, so with that being said Casey know matter how much you interrogate her she has convinced herself that caylee was kidnapped because she knows if her parents do find out the truth that’s it she done her parents will cut her off and she will be on her own, and i think she very scared of that because casey is a codependent person who needs attention and approval. Know I do believe that she did not intentionally mean to hurt her daughter but I think that she has lied so much that she don’t know where to turn to get out her lies. I think for the up most she’s a good person. I think she had been dragging that baby around and she was very negligent with her and now she stuck. She her self said in the interview I am running out of options.

  2. its easy. Casey is a pathological liar, she has Narcissistic personality disorder. No empathy. She is sick. I believe she did her daughter in.
    Caylee God Bless You, what a beautiful baby you are.

  3. I have a web page that describes Casey to the tee. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy. Every word she speaks is utterly disgusting. No apparent emotion. I am a mother of 4 and if any of them are not where I expect them to be, I have everyone look for them immediately in every room and outside the home. When my kids leave to visit their father every summer I have a hard time not breaking down when I talk about my kids being gone from home. When the bus is more than 15 mins. late I call the Bus Barn. I ask them “Where the bus is at?”. She is not a mother but to a severe extent a monster like the detective described.

  4. I have to say that I think Casey Anthony is full of it. If that were my baby, I would be hysterical! And after listening to those tapes, she tells lie after lie after lie, who will believe her now. And who the hell leaves a baby at the bottom of stairs? When my son was in childcare, I went into the house everyday and came back everyday to the same location. The person who took care of him did not change numbers and did not change addresses. She stayed home with my son and others all day….and was never allowed to take him anywhere.

    I say it all sounds fishy and at this point, Casey probably doesn’t know the truth from a lie. That poor beautiful baby of hers. I’ve not made my mind up if she is deceased or not, but there is foul play for sure and why doesn’t the mom offer to take a lie dectector test just to find out answers. I know they are not submissable in a court, but even just to get answers. I’d be livid if I were her parents or Caylee’s grandparents, I’d be in tears each and everyday!

  5. I think the key word is MOTIVATION. WHY LIE? Even with the clearly unhealthy personality disorder, to whatever extent it may be, Casey has intelligence. She is lying for a reason and that reason will likely prove to be a sad ending for little Caylee.

    We cannot really speculate about how…hot car, drowning…those are just guesses? All that we know is that there have been countless lies, unexplained suspicious behavior and evidence that leads authorities to believe Cayle is deceased and was in the trunk of that car. It could be murder, it could be an accident (but accidental chloroform?)… whatever it is…Casey does not want us to know, for a reason. We can logically assume that means she is responsible. Everything else is emotional specualtion.

    I feel for her in the sense that I am quite sure that no matter what she did, she never expected her life and her baby’s to become what it has. She certainly has bad jusdgment and is likely mentally ill. The results of that are tragic and sooooo sad. She is accountable, no doubt, yet, I still just feel sad that people can find there way to such horror because they are lost.

    The grandparents are victims in this for certain…as they all really are. I understand their desire to support Casey as they are on shut down, overload, denial…who could cope well with this? For us it is an excercise in logic and feelings of sympathy, for them it is pure emotion that lives where they live, every minute. I would never believe my daughter could kill her child, even in the face of profound facts…it would never compute unless it was proven 100%…or likely unless it was confessed. For a jury, reasonable doubt may be the directiove, for a family, unreasonable doubt is easily held onto.

    Blessings to the family, to sweet Caylee and even to Vasey, who must have lost her way a long time ago.


  6. Does anyone think that Casey has multiple personalities? That maybe she is Zenaida Gonzalez or believes that she is. She is Casey but during the day becomes the nanny. So when the detectives ask her who she left Caylee with she really believes that it was the nanny but it was really her.In her mind the vacant aprtment was the nannys place but then while escorting detectives around decided that maybe the nanny would rather live in the old folks home. Did Casey visit the old folks home? She said Zenaida had.Has she had any kind of mental evaluation or will she? does anyone know? Maybe she doesnt know the father because she was a victim of a sexual crime. Is this why she doesn’t seem to have any kind of feeling or emotion toward what is happening regarding her child? Is there anyone else out there that has thought of this?

  7. Shawna you criticized the original posting because you presumed the person posting it isn’t a shrink…are you, because it certainly sounds like you are analyzing Casey. All the evidence, or lack there of, indicates that Casey did something to harm her daughter…why else would she make up all those lies. As for the police…I think they did the best they could…they tried the good cop/bad cop but it didn’t work…unfortunately it doesn’t when you are dealing with someone who only cares about themselves.

  8. i cant believe this lady she makes me sick how could you wait even one hour to report your child missing here she is a month later and still didn,t report it .her mother made her and what does she do to help she lies to the cops that dont sound like she wants her to be found TO ME > HER MOTHER SHOULD NOT HAVE LET HER COME HOME TILL SHE TOLD THE POLICE where caylee is >it so sad you know she killed her i wish they would charge her with murder > SO SHE STAY IN JAIL THEN SHE WILL GET WHAT SHE GOT COMING

  9. First of all not once did she try to defend herself till the very end when she knew she was basicly done for, she sat through them telling her if you killed her or there was an accident and listening to them tell her how shes in a trash can or burried and her body is decomposing not once did she break down and cry, this is coming from a mother of 3 and speaking for other mothers out there how can you stand to listen to someone saying that about your missing child and not break down and cry or go crazy!!!… let alone sit there and say uh huh uh huh like its nothing. thats when reality would hit you that this is how they could find my baby and i could never see my child again, the reason she says after her dauthers been missing for a month her only call she got from her daughter was talking about the book thats in the video they have of her reading is cause this is the day she died and thats the only memory Casey wants to remember of Caylee

  10. Casey will break at some point…they will continue to grill her and I hope give her a lie dectector test. I’m positive she will not pass the test.

    Having said that, my son is grown now, but when he was little if he was gone from my side for 2 seconds in a store I would freak……how does a mother of any age not call or talk to anyone about it, except ficticous people??? She is in such denial over what she did, I find it to be just horrid. She is for one wasting tax payers money…does she think she is getting away with the crime of the century?? Someone is going to break..you know she had to tell someone. I’m going to be a gramma in less than a month and can not even imagine the trauma the Grandparents are going through right now, especially because they were so close to Caylee. The entire thing is so sad, beyond words can express.

    I think a lie detector test and or/hypnotizing is in order for this lying woman.

    I still pray that Caylee is alive and until I see otherwise, I will continue praying for a postive outcome. But Casey should still be charged for so many things including child neglagence…….wow…..what a mess!

  11. I agree with the poster who said that we should assume she is innocent until she is proven guilty. Maybe the reason Casey isn’t being forthcoming is because protestors are camped out, outside of her house and she is constantly being bombarded with what a “terrible mother,” she is. Granted, I believe that she was a crappy mother, but these idiots who are protesting are not helping anyone (especially Caylee.) They are disturbing a family who is going through a very traumatic loss. In my opinion, they are just as heartless as Casey. Frankly, I believe that Casey accidently killed her daughter and then tried to cover it up. It might have been a case where she sedated her and was planning on having someone take her, but I don’t know for sure. There’s been no discovery of a body, and I do blame Casey for not being upfront with the police. I realize that her parents are in a horrible position, and the fact that people are outside of their home (which should be a safe place for them,) is disgusting.

  12. The protestors are sickening. I can’t believe that those nutcases are camped out in front of the Anthony home. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time. Just because this case is on Nancy Grace 24-7, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other missing and exploited children that need just as much attention. When I saw the old lady screaming at Cindy Anthony, I wanted to punch her in the nose, and if Cindy had punched her, I would have understood. How dare these protestors harass a family who is going through the worst time in their lives. Casey is probably a monster but why should her family have to be victimized when they are victims themselves?

  13. Isn’t strange how casey says that “Zenaida” was a seasonal worker at universal and that she had an id? Then she goes on to say that she “casey” had always wanted to be a seasonal worker at universal and that she has an id. She also says that Zenaida went to place where she had been or gone to. Everyone wonders why she wont tell the truth. Maybe she is telling the truth and she doesn’t know where caylee is because she might have a split personality and she is Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. She also states that Zenaida had changed her number several times and that she had different phones just like casey. And she describes Zenaida in full detail, where she’s from what different races she is, where she shops, where she grew up, i think there is a very good chance that she is Zenaida and that’s why she can’t remember because when people have severe cases of split personality who they really are shuts off and the other person takes place. This is why she does not know where Caylee is. Casey is Zenaida

  14. I think the posters who put forth the split-personality theory for Casey have something interesting. She has been described as bipolar by her friends and family, perhaps instead of having highs and lows, she actually has DID (dissasociative identity disorder: multiple personalities). Very interesting.

  15. I don’t buy the multiple personalities theory. It is an interesting thought, but most people with DD can not turn it on and turn it off. It seems like Casey is able to turn it off and turn it on when it suits her. If she did, however, dress up in a wig and pose as Zenaida, that’s a whole different story. That’s a cause for concern and she should get a psych evaluation. If she did have DD, her parents would have known because you can’t hide that disorder. If she lived at home for years, her parents would have known.

  16. I feel so sad because I think Casey is sick. I see 3 different personalities with her. Casey the mom, Casey (Zenaida) the nanny. Casey the spectator she is viewing the case from the outside like we all are. Casey the spectator is watching as if she were watching a movie, she is the one that says uh huh uh huh to the detectives during the interrogation and laughs as though she doesn’t play a part in any of the real life tragedy. I feel so bad for everyone in that family. My prayers go out to them.

  17. I used to work in a facility with severely abused kids and saw how their personalities turned on and off in an instant.

    The problem I see is that unless something is not being told, normally people with multiple personalities suffered from some sort of trauma such as sexual abuse at an early age. So unless a family stone as not be unturned, where and why does she suffer from this, IF this is the case.

    I’m not sure what to think of her, but I thought about her this morning, and that baby needs to somehow be found so she the the rest of the family can rest in peace.

    As for Casey….she needs to be taken away from people all together, sounds like she is a danger to herself as well as those around her.

    I feel so BAD for her mom & dad!!!

  18. You have got to be kidding me! How could she drop this baby off at this ‘stairway’ to go to work when she didn’t even HAVE A JOB? Why did she drop her off at all? Why did she have a nanny to begin with or a babysitter, she didn’t HAVE A JOB? How was she going to pay for this with stolen checks? I fricken don’t think so, she is a pathetic human being and anyone that wants to stand up for her is just as far gone as she is! She was living with her parents and all of a sudden she’s making pasta for people? Wake up America you are so getting into denial that it really makes me sick!

  19. Zoe, what if the sexual trauma she had happened when she conceived Caylee. Thats why there is not a straight answer to who the father is and why she didn’t want to keep the baby. Maybe, that’s why she never bonded with Caylee and why Cindy was more the mom than Casey.

  20. Damn, this bitch is out of her mind. Why was she even lying about having a job at universal? How could this nut think the cops wouldnt find out all the Universal info was BS and ruin her cred? I dont think she has a split personality, shes definitely guilty and sounds premeditated, but outside of that, shes completely an idiot. She has no emotion or sadness in her lies, shes lying about stuff thats easily fact checked, i mean come on, she had a weeks to get her best lies in order. She should just direct cops to her daughter so the poor girl can be laid to rest and America can stop being pre-occupied watching this demon waste time & money. No body usually means they cant convict her, but they should make her at least serve the maximum for obstruction and lying under oath. Unfortunately, i feel this little girl is gone forever and in a place like FL her body will never be found.

  21. I can not believe that this girl has the ability to lie the way she does. I feel that she is negligent even in the stories of all the places that her nanny lived who the hell leaves their child with someone who moves around as often as casey says she did. Someone needs to give her some truth serum. God bless her parents the denile that they are in is going to crash at some point.

  22. Has anyone noticed that Casey keeps saying she LEFT her at Sawgrass Apartments. She stated that she was sitting by a SHED at the Sawgrass apartments. Has anyoen checked the grounds of the apartment? Why does she keep saying she left her there????

  23. I would like to interview her…. I felt that she was ready to break until that other officer stepped in and dragged it on. I dispise this women.

  24. We keep saying over & over again she is a sick person, she is a self serving person who knows exactly what she did to CAYLEE was wrong, killing her and disposing of the body, in all of this she is the center of attention, that is what she wants. Every day this goes on it is all about casey, NOT CAYLEE, she has suceeded in her goal to be focused on. she is loving it. Also she won’t get whats comming to her in jail because they will put her ugly face in protective custody. So no one will be any where near her. This is so wrong in so many ways. KARMA WILL GET HER.

  25. my theory is that cindy and george were ready to give “tough love” to casey. they had had it with her being irresponsible, partying and not working so they consulted a counselor. she had probably been trouble to them for a while now. the grandparents were ready to take custody of caylee and probably told casey this as a threat to motivate her. casey decided to take caylee and go to her boyfriend’s. she had no money for a babysitter so she could party with him and his friends so she decided to chloroform her and thought she would sleep while she partied. she might have even put her asleep in the trunk so no one would see her in the car and call police unfortunately she died from the chloroform. casey knew at this point that she was in BIG trouble so she concocted lie after lie. being a mother myself i realize that it’s almost impossible to believe that another mother can hurt her child. therefore, we try and find some kind of accident that may have happened. but, there are all sorts of evil people in this world. i pray that caylee is found.

  26. Casey Anthony, created a myspace page almost two years before her daughter Caylee went missing, which was10/23/06. Visit http://www.myspace.com/cayleeismissing Then, click on (View All Blog Entries) new page will open up. Look to the left and you will see when the page was created. When you create a page, you can edit and make changes on your profile as often as you like. Though, you cannot change the URL name. I guess she was bearing with that thought for some time. Otherwise, why anybody would create a page saying your babe is missing two years before it actually happening? I only pray that her passing was quick and she suffered no pain.

  27. I am disgusted with Casey! Here story is full of holes and horribly constructed lies. If I could just be in a room with her for 5 min. I’d get the truth out of that murderer old school style I would be more then happy to go to jail knowing that my actions brought justice to Caylee and peace to her family and all those who have prayed nonstop for Caylee. I am a mother of 4 and if my child was gone from my sight for less then a minute I would go into a panic and do what i can no everything I can to find them and wouldn’t stop til they were found but this cold hearted sick waste of a human being waited a month to report her child missing. We just need to accept that poor Caylee is no longer alive and that murder (Casey) needs to come clean and tell authorities were Caylee’s body is so her remains can have a proper burial. I do believe that Casey will get whats coming to her and I hope its long and painful.

  28. Whoever noted that about the blog on myspace whould notify police….I’ll bet they don’t know that about myspace! Casey is….I don’t know, you know there are no real words in the English language to describe her. WOW

  29. Casey said that she found zenaida from jeff hawkins. I think they need to find jeff and ask him if that is true which it is not of course. Bad interrigating they should have thought about it much more. They should have had her, they have so much info to catch her on and than they fall back into her bs story. Ask casey why she was dropping her off if she didnt have a job. Also I thought it was interesting how NONE of her numbers are in the phone. she doesnt know addresses she doesnt know full names. shes a compulsive liar and a bad one at that. She will go to jail she will not pass go.

  30. The myspace thing that Norma mentioned is irrelevant. You can have a myspace page for a number of years and without creating a URL name. I am not defending Casey at all, however I’m sure she named the page “cayleeismissing” only when everyone started to get involved. I don’t believe she created that specific URL years ago, when first starting the myspace page. My theory is that Casey has multiple personalities, she is Zenaida. I believe Zenaida chloroformed Caylee & left her in the trunk and then disposed of the body. Casey is telling the truth, but may not realize that she is Zenaida.

  31. people only have multiple personalities from suffering some sort of trauma in their very young lives previously…..i don’t buy it. i think she knows exactly what is going on…..they need to hypnotize her and take a lie detector test…..not for court, just because..just to offer up more information. i think she is a lying calculation, selfish bitch.

  32. Everything is a lie and the only lie the police can’t discredit is the zenida one cause they can’t find her. So far they have found every other person and they are not who they say they were or she lied about talking to them at all recently and she is caught in every lie, but she claims the babysitter story even though ok I lied about where she dropped her off at or where she last lived and by the way all past residences were false and she hit the jackpot on one that happened to be vacant, oh but now I never went into it, what kinda mom doesn’t check out the babysitters living conditions before leaving her? Plus as she was driving from work to pick her up, yet she doesn’t work? So she wasn’t driving from work but from where, where was she so often if she wasn’t working needing a babysitter? She was out shopping apparently but needed a sitter for that? She is lying about all of it, all of it and as easy as she spits out addresses and people, by the way the lady juliette lewis is a suppose actress that worked at universal, as easy as she spit out names and mis information about a phone on a desk and details, she is lying about zenida. Something happened and she had long enough time to come up with a lie and stick with it!

  33. I think Cindy & George enabled Casey to be the way she is. I also think they are in denial, which could last a very long time as they have been in denial for a long, long time. Could Caylee’s dad be either Casey’s father or brother, a good question to ponder.

  34. I agree with you Andi, I, for the life of me don’t understand why the police allow these so called protesters, to harass the poor grandparents of caylee Anthony. Its like a lynch mob playing judge and jury. Shame on those police for not arresting them and getting rid of them, I think its sickening. I will tell you if they did that to me, no matter what, I would turn my garden hose on them or worse, no one would get away with disturbing the peace and harassing me like those idiots are doing to those poor people. Shame like I said on the police.

  35. I think the grandparents deserve the harassment by the protesters for sticking up for Casey and holding by her ridiculous story. If I were her mother I wouldn’t let her in my home til she came clean about what happened to my granddaughter. It disturbs me that they are standing by that murderer. Maybe her mother is just as guilty as Casey and she knows what happened to Caylee because she was involved in her disappearance, the theories are endless. Casey needs to come off the shit and tell truth if what happened to Caylee was an accident and she was at fault she needs to fess up so all this can come to an end and everyone will be at peace. I want Caylee to be at peace and Casey behind bars for the rest of her life.

  36. I tend to agree with you elizabeth, her statements and information she gives police are not consistant. If you have ever watched nancy Grace on CNN, she is an advocate for exploited and missing children. The other night on her show, she had a psychitrist on, and she feels casy is a sociopath, and got that way from something traumatic that happened to her as a child. In other words Casey is ill, which I really believe. I remember one of my 5 children had went into our garage and fell asleep years ago when he was small, I called my neighbor friends and the police to help me find him, I was out of my mind with anguish that something may have happened to my little son. Casey going out and partying, and not telling anyone about Caylee missing for a month tells me she is ill. The point I was trying to make in my last comment was, people leaving their homes to yell and scream and act like that to the little girl’s grandparents aren’t helping anything, not helping to find out what happened to Caylee or anything else. I may have opinions about a child abduction, or a murder, ect. but I would never even dream about leaving my home and parking myself in front of people who I am sure are suffering in one way or another, and whoop and hollar and harass people, its not helping anyone or anything. The first thing alot of parents or family do is stand behind their family member. The phychiatrist on nancy Grace feels they may be in denial also, some people are too weak to face up to reality, maybe this is one of those cases.

  37. No she does not have Diss. Id Disorder. It is clear that she recalls everything. Folks with DID would say “I can’t remember, I felt like I lost track of time or I think I blacked out” SHe would still have emotions and a desire to find her daughter. She made a mistake of some kind with her daughter and tried to cover it up.She is young and bright and probably thought she could pull this off by reporting her missing. Reality is the web of lies keeps spinning and she has lost control.

  38. What is going on with the justice system? They have all this evidence against Casey Anthony, her lies, the decomp in the trunk of the car, the chloroform, Caylees hair, the web sites about chloroform, etc. People have been convicted of murder on less. What is going on???? I know there are people who believe that Caylee is still alive out there some where but all this evidence says otherwise so why hasn’t Casey been arrested for the death of her daughter? Are they waiting for a body to emerge cause it aint gonna happen Casey will never tell what she really did to Caylee I have a feeling that she will take it to her grave. If they don’t charge her for the murder of Caylee and she gets away with this I will have lost all hope and trust in the justice system.

  39. Since she really did not work. How did she pay her buddy Zenida 40 hours a week. I don’t know too many people that would keep an infant through 2 year old for free.If u listen closely she pronounces Zenida’s name differently . It would have been great if the OCS officer would of had Casey find her supervisor to get her work schedule and to ask Universal about her “cell phones” that were provided as the events coordinator. They would have sent her straight to the looney ward.

  40. OCS check with University of Florida. She mentions her long time pal, nanny, kidnapper, ghost, Zanida went to University of Florida. I am sure UF would keep records of all thier students for 100 years-unless of course they “lost” them. ha

  41. I’m no psychiatrist, but I can tell you from personal experience that Casey Anthony is a tried and true narcissist. She can kill, because she places no value on people. It’s like when we stomp on a bug – we don’t feel bad about it because bugs just don’t count. She can lie about it, because she has actually convinced herself that the “nanny” did it. They do not live in the real world, and they don’t think or feel like you and I. They aren’t human.

    She’ll never crack and she’ll never have an ounce of remorse. Feeling sorry for her makes about as much sense as feeling sorry for a werewolf.

  42. Tape 2 investigators talk to much. her only response is uh huh. they know she is liar. You cant engage, coerce nor try to convince her to tell the truth. OCS comments are not even registering in her mind. She needs the bottom line told told to her in a simple, concrete manner. You are a liar, we have evidence, we have attempted to work with u and we will send your ass to prison for life! no parties, no freinds, no nanny’s nothing. my guess is she does not know where the child is b/c she put her in a dumpster and she is gone. Too much time lapsed. They said they searched the landfill but Orlando is a large metro area and it could be any dumpster. She did not have Kaylee in the car when she ran out of gas. The child was pt in a dmpster on or around 6-17.my guess

  43. the last investigator ,even though trying to act like he was interested in the conversation did a great job. He broke her down-she became tearful and most likely spoke the truth- when talking about Casey’s mother. Casey stated that she had mistakes and could never please her mom. That may be the law enforcement in to break her down. I heard the honest truth for a few moments.

  44. I agree once again with you elizabeth, I lost faith in the judicial system many months ago when my 40 year old daughter is getting hurt by the Tampa Florida judicial syatem, the man she was married to and his lawyer friend, I am sure engage in “payoffs” cause each time this monster of a man(?) makes up lies and takes her to court for revenge reasons, she loses. Its already been decided before she walks in there. yes, Elizabeth I smell a rat also, people have been indited and convicted for less than this woman. People have been paid off, or like the old saying goes “its not who you know its who you xxxx. Casy’s behavior could have alot to do with her past with her mother ect., but as all of us know,its NO excuse for killing one’s child, no matter what!

  45. It doesn’t matter what she says now. She doesn’t say anything to help her daughter have a proper funeral. She just cares about saving her own ass. That is why her lawyer told her to keep her mouth shut. Lawyers always know that guilty people are better off with their lies to themselves. I am sure she has always been able to talk her way out of lot of things. She just thought it would all go away when she told them that someone else took her baby. She has a trail of lies and deceit. I don’t see how anyone even family could cover up for her. Who is thinking of baby Caylee? Her family makes me sick they think Casey can do no wrong. They are full if too. Her parents are to blame for Casey’s lies. She cries wolf and they still believe her. They created this monster.

  46. i think casey is a baby killer . and i wish they would never show her face again. she is thinking she a star .her day will come and who cares what she has to say cause everything comes out of her mouth is a lie .I will SAy THIS THE PROTESTERS are as bad as she is what good is doing to scream outside the house go look for caylee body i feel bad for the grandparents its not there fault its hers but she not comming out so go a way.

  47. I have been following this case from the beginning and Im constantly checking everyday for more updated info and watching the Nancy Grace show as much as i can. I was looking over old info and audio from Casey’s jail house calls and I meant to comment on this earlier I was listening to the one she made to her mom and It really disturbed me cause all she wanted was not to talk about caylee or give her family any info that might help all she wanted was her damn boyfriends number I mean what the fuck! her daughter is missing she is in jail for lieing to police and what not and her first call to her family was to get her boyfriends number she showed no care at all for how distraught her family was about caylee she even said and i quote ” all they care about is finding Caylee, thats all they care about” That statement alone shows that she cared nothing for her daughter or what happened to her. All that murdering bitch wanted was her boyfriends number. To me it was like Casey was upset that her family cared more about what happened Caylee then they cared about her, she even blames her mom for her being in jail and denies that it was her lies that put her there. I hate this woman and frankly i want to break every bone in her body and save the neck for last. I just about 15 min. ago heard Caseys 911 call begging the police to come help her with the protesters Casey demanding police to help her when she won’t help them find Caylee I thought it was hilarious and if you notice she wouldn’t give her name when the dispatcher asked for it. If Cindy and George Anthony want the protesters to stop then they need to get Casey to tell the truth, i mean what do they do in that house do they act like a normal family? do they eat dinner around the table and have small talk? watch tv and laugh? What do they do, do they even talk about Caylee? Does Cindy ask Casey anything about her granddaughter at all? What do they do???!!!!

  48. I was watching the news earlier. I know that The my space page I listed on here earlier has no bearing on whether the baby was planned to be killed or not. The funds that were being raised for the search of Caylee have been misused and or MISSING. Just like Caylee. Who could have seen that coming? This killer will answer to some one eventually.

  49. casey has a problem.let us submit her to the special tortures they use on spys or terrosits.The woman is nuts and needs to be sterilized. She knows what happened to her baby but she is unable to tell the truth.What I want to know is what her childhood,teens,were like.The more I listen to the interogation sound bytes,the more I wonder about her mom.I believe her mom has damaged her and caused her grandaughters fate.

  50. I have followed this story since it broke this summer. I watch allot of crime TV. I was seven months pregnant so I was just starting to think like a mother. Even then I cried….If anything were to ever happen to my little girl I would not even be able to talk. I would call someone as soon as she was out of my site. Caylee is just a baby. Two years old!!! I don’t understand how Casey is not freaking out. But I think…She is a young mother. she didn’t plan on having Caylee, and suddenly here she is with a baby. Did anyone ever think that she loves her daughter yes, but she misses being able to do the things she did before geting pregnant. She misses not having to take care of someone 24/7. So when Caylee did “Go missing” She thought well now I’ll just take some time to be myself again, hoping that it WOuLD be to late. OR…. She tried to sadate Caylee and it went wrong, she is two, she died and Casey hid her in the trunk. When her dad got to close that is why she freaked and drove down the road and dumped her body. I think she used the Duck tape as a deturant. I think either way she is sick because weather she wanted Caylee or not, once she saw that little girls face and those big brown eyes, she should have had a feeling inside her to fight to the death for that little girl. Casey is sick, in so many ways. Caylee is dead. 🙁 I am so sad to say. I just know it. And those mean people outside the Anthony’s home are more evil than Casey. They don’t know the facts. And they a tearing into her parents when they are trying so hard to just make it through this aweful time. Back the **** off those people and let them be. This is hard. I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happen to my Sadie. I would search heaven and Hell on foot. But I would NOT lie to police. God bless Caylee, and God help Casey…she is lost in too many ways. She is sick.

  51. I don’t have one slight bit of empathy for Casey. No matter her age, she knew exactly what she was doing at the exact time she did it. If she didn’t she would have reported her daughter missing at the exact moment she could not supposedly find her.

    I am a new grandparent, and the people I feel sorry for Casey’s mom & dad. OMG..they so wanted to have faith this entire time that their lil granddaughter was still alive.

    We don’t have proof yet, but how could it be anyone else. It just makes me cry.

    By the time we are 16 years old, we know right from wrong, Casey knew damned well what she did was wrong. How the hell could anyone put choriform in the car with their child, cover their mouths so they can’t cry? OMG….two freaking years old and mommy wanted her freedom? She has awesome parents that would have cared for Caylee, there is NO reason what so ever why this child had to die.

    So now, if this is Caylee, they will have to link the body with Casey killing her daughter. I don’t believe for a split second that it was an accident. It was cold blooded murder! Bitch! Good thing I don’t live in Florida, I’d never pass the test to be a juror. Now that is going to be gut wrenching.

    Don’t feel sorry for Casey, feel sorry for her parents, her brother and thank God, Caylee can have a real burial now, not in the mud & water. Also, I’m thankful, that the day Caylee died, she went with our Lord and she has been safe since that day..hey, just like Casey said. She is close to home and she is safe!

  52. Caylee, no one can hurt you anymore. You are an angel.
    As a grandmother, there is NO way it would have taken me 31 days to see my grandchild. Especially, if I lived near by. I’m NOT blaming the G-Mother, I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why it took them that long to notify authorites if MY child kept giving me the run a round about MY GRANDCHILD.
    Caylee was the fly in Casey’s happiness. I think she also saw Caylee as a “barganing chip” in getting HER way with her parents and also a way of getting back at her Mother. Sick

  53. I myself am a young mother. I can tell you right now if my son went missing I wouldn’t be lying about things and wait a month after he went missing to tell police OR my parents. What a sick person she is. End of story she did it because she wanted a boyfriend more than a child, and to party rather than being tied down with a child. I am sickend by this whole story and have been watching it on nancy grace since we found out caylee went missing. I feel sorry for this poor beautiful child. I love you caylee and so do a lot of other people I hope u can rest in peace.

  54. I have been following this case since the beginning and everything Casey says is a lie. It seems to me she gets it from her mom, Cindy. They both say things, and then backtrack with a lie. I hope God forgives them all for the parts they played in Caylee’s murder. It makes me wonder if the family knows more than they’re telling. I have three girls, and I would never wait a month to report them missing, and I would still be crying about them being gone. Also, when I had a babysitter for them, everyone in my immediate family knew the sitter, where she lived, phone number, etc. How is it that a whole family and host of friends, including boy-friend, never met this nanny?

  55. I am still following this tragedy & remain amazed by this mother’s lack of remorse or concern? Perhaps she was under the influence, blacked out or conspired with the meter reader, whatever the case, there is no doubt she was involved. Can’t they use hypnothsis or sodium pentothol(Truth Serum) to assist with her amnesia. I have 3 children, the few times they have been out of my sight, I panic & cry! I did a code Adam at Walmart, when my 7yr old daughter hid under the clothes rack where I was still standing! They are grown now & I suffer anxiety everytime they drive away! Even if Casey isn’t maternal, her professed fear of her own mother (Cindy) should invoke some emotional reaction, yet there is nothing??? It’s apparent Casey has no concept of reality or responsibility. Her parents allowed her manipulation to control their relationship with Caylee. So, why did they allow Casey to remove this child, knowing she couldn’t provide for her? Per photos of their home, they were obsessed with Caylee & had more toys than furniture! If Cindy was controlling, how could she not have demanded this childs return prior to 5 weeks? I too, have to commend these officers, they were extremely proffessional & patient! Just listening, made us crazy!!!

  56. I listened to every word & feel sick! She is claiming not to know where her daughter is, as though she had a conspirator & feels ustified, as they may have hidden the body and that lack of knowledge makes her innocent! If she sounded devestated at all, I would have compassion. But, now I know she’s guilty and am amazed the cops didn’t arrest her that day! I’m not a mother yet, but know, I would freak out if my child were out of my sight for 5 minutes, Caylee wasn’t even 3! She talks like Caylee’s a dog that will find her way home when she gets hungry?????? Psycho!!!

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