Heather Locklear Dodges DUI

Score another for DUI attorney Blair Burk– he’s kept another celeb out of the pokey! Heather Locklear just got her driving under the influence case dismissed, and pled to a much lesser offense. He’s magic! Do not tell Snarkista that Heather isn’t HAMMERED in her mug shot here!

Heather pled no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving. She got three years of “informal probation”, whatever that means, and paid a whopping $700 fine. Oh, and she has to attend a 12-hour drug education course. Heather don’t need no drug education! She could school the whole class!

Blondie was arrested last September after she was allegedly driving under the influence of prescription meds. The D.A. says Locklear’s blood tests showed prescription drugs WERE in her system. Tests, schmests. Celebs everywhere are putting Blair Burk’s phone number on speed-dial as we speak. He’s a one-man dream-team!

photo credit: TMZ

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