Heidi Montag Douches Up TV Guide Video On Crappywood

Famewhore Heidi Montag took TV Guide’s Will Keck for a mini-ride through her clothing line “Heidiwood”. Snarkista abhors that name, so it has always been “Crappywood” to her. Indulge, please. Heidi is in full douche-mode as she dishes on her “total involvement” with every aspect of her heinouswear. Especially the “buh-uns”

Heidi carries her Bible in her giant Crappypurse, and her favorite verse is John 3:16… perhaps the most famous verse in the Bible. It is definitely the most popular verse at sporting events. It’s a great verse, don’t get Snarkista wrong. She is very glad that God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whomever believes in Him will have eternal life. It’s just a bit of a tell that Heidi may not read much of her Bible. Anyhoo, here’s your “Summer’s Eve” for the eve.