Heiresses In Love

Prominent tycoon daughters Courtenay Semel and Casey Johnson are dating, according to Page Six.
Courtenay’s the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, and Casey is heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. Insiders said Casey, who had recently announced she would be moving to New York, “decided to ditch Manhattan for good and stay in Los Angeles” to be with Semel. One source said:

“People are shocked they are together. Nobody realized Casey was interested in women.

People knew Courtenay was, though… in fact she and Lindsay Lohan lived together awhile ago,and rumors had them as being more than friends! BEFORE Samantha Ronson swept LiLo off her feet!

Casey’s bad experience with former boyfriend John Dee may have turned her off of the opposite sex. Casey’s aunt, Libet Johnson, reportedly snatched Dee out from under her 2 years ago! Recently Casey and Courtenay were seen holding hands at an event in LA and exhibiting major PDA at Paris Hilton’s housewarming party.

“Their families don’t yet know they’re together,” said the source. Until NOW! “But the clans have known each other for years and will surely be thrilled with the billionaire merger.” Certainly more thrilled than if either one of the ladies was hooked up with less than blue-blooded Lindsay and HER family baggage!